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Top SEO Trends in 2021

SEO Trends

One thing with SEO is that it keeps changing with each rising sun. Today, search engines may want one thing and want another different thing tomorrow. What was the hottest Adelaide SEO trend a few years back is not what is hot today. Let’s take keywords, for example. 

Keywords are an essential part of SEO today. But now how it is used has changed with technology and time. All you needed to do to rank high in search engines before was to add your keywords all over your content, and you are automatically pushed to the top.

Things are different today. It would be best to do your keyword research properly, but you don’t need to add them all over your content. Experts suggest using them sparingly. And, there are a couple more factors that are equally important for your SEO in 2021. Check them out below;  

Focus on Search Intent

Google and other search engines want you to focus on your user’s search intent to rank high. That is, provide value to your visitors. Offer what they come to your site for. Keep them on your site for a more extended period. This is achieved by following a couple of factors you need to keep in mind;

First of all, you must study your audience and understand them. This means understanding their needs, their questions, and what they want. Then, give them that. Create high-value content, fresh and original ideas, and keep your content straightforward and concise. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is still one of the most critical factors as far as marketing and SEO are concerned. Keyword research means finding the exact search terms and phrases your visitors use to find your site. They are also known as search queries. 

There are multiple tools you can use to determine which keywords are best for your business and website. Some of them are free, but they have some restrictions and limitations, but they still do a good job. Paid keyword tools are the best options because they have all the features and information you need at your disposal. 

UX (User Experience)

SEO and User experience are two different subjects, but they all work together to boost organic traffic. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about taking all measures to ensure your site is ranked high on Google, more or less like pleasing search engines, User Experience (UX), just like the name suggests, is about your user.

It is about ensuring your visitors get the best experience from the moment they land on your site. This includes how fast your site loads, how they interact with the content you provide, content structure, images, videos, and all the other visuals, and more. It is simply taking all measures possible to give your visitors the best experience. 

Mobile SEO

More than 50% of Google users access sites via mobile phones. This means if your business site is not optimized for mobile users, you might also forget about getting massive traffic. There is not much difference between mobile and computer SEO.

However, it is the small details that matter. Make sure your site can easily be found on mobiles, is well organized in terms of content structure, loads fast, and gives users the same experience as a PC, if not better.

More Content

SEO is working well with more long-form content. And search engines love it when a site produces more fresh, original, and valuable content to its users. This means going all in, in your content production and including all variations.

You can start a blog section on your site, which puts you in a better position to optimize your keywords. You can also include video content, which is also rapidly taking over in digital marketing.

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