Top Mobile Apps Help to Collect Customer Feedback 

Customer feedback is critical to business success. Over the years, customers have become increasingly discerning, focusing on the most minor aspects of your product or service. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to meet customer needs and expectations. It cannot be achieved without obtaining customer feedback. There are numerous mobile apps that a business can use to collect customer feedback. Today, we will focus on the best mobile apps to collect customer feedback.

Top Customer Satisfaction Surveys Apps

1.Smiley Pk:

Customer satisfaction survey feedback is an effective way of determining whether your product/service is meeting customer requirements. is one of the best apps for consumer feedback response which is easy to install, use, and customize to your preferences. offers a free demo which allows you to determine if it meets your requirements without incurring any cost. One of the best points about Smiley is that it has a reasonable pricing plan which is suitable for all types of budgets.

2 .Qualaroo:

Qualaroo is a mobile application which is available for Android and IOS. Qualaroo is used for many businesses to get customer feedback. Like ecommerce, foods, and many more. With the help of Qualaroo you can create a survey campaign to get customer feedback. You can set monthly or weekly analytics reports, positive and negative feedback ratio. Qualaroo has limitless features in a single app. You can easily integrate your feedback app with most famous platforms. Qualaroo is paid software which also provides free trials.

3 .Uservoice:

Uservoice is another amazing app for customer feedback. Which allow user to Get fast feedback, manage, track and analyze the report of the business. User voice provides lots of features to customers from feedback to the get back the response back of the feedback. A User voice software available in both versions android and IOS. Easy to manage, maintain and optimize the customer feedback. company/ business can generate proper reports of all the feedback from customers.

4 .piHappiness:

piHappiness is one of the most famous applications used for customer feedback collection. piHappiness is the solution of all the customer feedback that is provided in a single mobile application. Fast growingly app used in the whole world due to best features. It helps the business owner about the direction of the business, how it is going and what should be done.

5 .SurveySparrow:

Survey sparrow is an amazing feedback collection tool newly launched but grows very fastly due advanced features. User interface is very user friendly. Survey sparrow brings lots of features with every new update. One of the best features is that customers can directly communicate with business and get help about. You can create surveys and get results. Fully automated tools help you to save your time. Survey sparrow is an intelligence app that provides user thinking comments to save time. Basically survey sparrow is a paid application but we can use it in free trials and we can upgrade it.

Advantages of Customer feedback collecting apps?

Customer feedback is necessary and it is direct communication with the customer and higher team. The best thing is the applications have digital data which provide correct information and results about user experience with our business. If we compare the old and traditional way of getting customer feedback the way was worthless. So these applications made the customer react about our business.

Why need to use to customer feedback application:

It is necessary to get customer feedback from customers about the business. Always check the position, status of the business, how my business is going. And you need to keep the customer’s reaction, behave with your business.


Customer feedback is an important part of the whole transaction process. Because business doesn’t mean that it will be single time. But you will run it to long-time and provide the best services to your customers to visit again and again.

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