Top 9 Benefits of Using a VPN Service

In this digital age, where everything around us is connected to the internet be it your watch or your refrigerator online security becomes an important concern. Gone are the days when you would download mp3 songs and hog your device’s memory today users listen to songs on the go online. Whatever they want, whenever they want.

In fact it is not just simple things like songs and movies but more sensitive matters like financial transactions also take place online today. Moreover, in this age freedom of speech over social media platforms often puts a user under threat from opposing sides.

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This is where the use of VPN comes in place, one such service for our testing and review was NordVPN. It is considered one of the best and trustable VPN services available in the market.

What is a VPN and Why you Need it?

VPN is short form for a Virtual Private network. It is a connection method which is used to add security to add security to your online activities. Initially VPNs were mostly used by corporations only to protect their sensitive data however, with the increased penetration of internet worldwide cyber threats are increasing day by day or to be more accurate every single second. This has led to a huge number of individual users using VPN services for online protection and privacy.

So, if you use the internet I suggest the protection of a VPN is now of utmost importance. With countless pop up ads and links that can harm your computer, the use of a VPN protects you from all such security threats furthermore, not even you ISP can trace what you do online. This is the power of a VPN.

How Does a VPN Work?

The detailed guide of NordVPN shows that once the user connects to the internet, the user then connects to a private network via an encrypted tunnel, known as the VPN tunnel. The data that is transferred via the encrypted tunnel is private and cannot be intercepted.

As the transmitted data is encrypted via the virtual connection which then connects to the World Wide Web, it keeps the user’s activities secure and anonymous. The ISP is then not able to see the transferred data but only that the user is connected to a private server.

Benefits of Using a VPN Service

1. Access Full Netflix and Streaming Content from Outside the USA

If the above-mentioned details seem like technical jargon to you, don’t worry here comes the interesting part, using a VPN enables you to connect to any server around the globe. What does that mean? You can fool websites into believing that you are located in a different country.

Everyone outside the United States envies the American library of Netflix, with a VPN service simply connect to an American server and unblock all content from Netflix.

Its use is not limited to Netflix only, other streaming services such as HULU and BBCiPlayer work equally well with a VPN.

2. Security while using Public Wi-Fi

Let’s be straight, everyone loves free Wi-Fi but are you ready to compromise your confidential information in return for that? Public Wi-Fi is home for hackers seeking to pull out your important information such as credit card details or accessing your photos. So, the next time you jump with joy connecting to a free Wi-Fi service at a coffee shop, connect to a VPN first.

3. Access Blocked Websites at Work or School

Tired of being treated like a child at work or school? Are they blocking social media websites like twitter or Facebook? Now is the time to grow up and break the chains. Download a VPN service and access any blocked content, anywhere anytime. Just be sure your boss isn’t standing behind you!

4. Use Search Engines without Your Searches being Logged

Around a year back I was interested in meditation, I made a couple of searches on google and suddenly I was surrounded by ads of websites and apps regarding it. All I would see on my Facebook would be related to meditation. Coincidence? No. This is what happens when your search engine keeps logs, all your information is being recorded and sold to advertisers. Are you’re okay with organizations viewing your online activities? If not then VPN is the thing for you.

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5. Boost up the Internet Speed

Yes you read it right! A VPN along with many of its benefits also makes your internet speed faster by preventing your ISP from throttling your internet speed, so enjoy blazing fast internet speed with the installation of VPN service. This is the power of a VPN, not even your ISP has the authority to mess with your connection.

6. A VPN can Help Save Money on Purchases

Many online retailers and airline services discriminate when it comes to charging in different regions, for example the same thing that’ll cost $5 in the US might cost $7 in Asia. Such price discriminations exist on countless platforms. Companies use your geo location to determine how much to charge you, with a VPN simply change your location to whichever country is being offered the lowest rates.

For best results, delete tracking cookies on the device you’re using.

7. Enjoy a better Gaming Experience and Get the Latest Releases First

To begin with, a VPN will prevent your ISP from throttling your bandwidth as mentioned above. What else? It reduces ping time and lags when you connect to a server which is physically located nearer to the servers you play the game on.

That’s not all, many games are first released in the United States before anywhere else, and a VPN will easily make your location appear as if it’s in the United States so you can get an early access.

Most important of all a VPN can protect you from DDoS attacks as your IP address will be hidden, you won’t have to worry about your network getting flooded with tons of unwanted traffic.

8. Protect the Data on your Phone

Phones today have totally replaced the conventional use of computers, there are hardly a few things that your computer can do but phone cannot. In fact phones have become very important and security requiring devices today as they hold all your information like credit card and bank account info, email passwords, email attachments, and so on.

This is exactly why you need a VPN on your mobile phone especially when you’re connected to the internet with a Wi-Fi network. Using a VPN on your phone, you can safely connect to any account you want without having to worry about cybercriminals.

9. Enjoy Torrenting without Fear

Unfortunately in countries like the US, Canada, and much more illegal file-sharing has been banned and can lead to serious consequences including being jailed or at the very least landing you in court.

The major way a VPN can help you with file-sharing is by keeping you safe from legal issues since a VPN can hide your IP address, and encrypt your traffic to prevent your ISP (or anyone else) from monitoring it, you won’t have to worry.

Wrapping things up

In this age where everything is up online, it is of utmost importance to protect yourself online and a VPN is a true friend when it comes to online security. It’s not just the security factor that makes the use of VPN so appealing but the fact that it enables you to use the internet freely the way it was envisioned to be.

It is highly advisable to go through VPN reviews to help you in making the best choice. You can go through 150+ VPN reviews here to help you in making the best choice.

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Mohid Moosani is a business school graduate, with an early born interest in writing and marketing. He stands for internet freedom and cybersecurity and strongly believes that the world is a global village that should be boundless.

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