Top 8 Diamond Harbour Things to do

Diamond Harbour is a small town 50km from Kolkata in South 24 Parganas district. Historically, it was known as Hajipur, but later, British rulers renamed it Diamond Harbour. This town is settled on the Bank of the Hooghly River, a western distributary of the Ganges and confluence with the Bay of Bengal. At this point, the river becomes more profound and broader, so tourists can spot the big ships docked at River Bank. Diamond Harbour is well connected to the railway station, and you can also take a bus or taxi from Kolkata to reach it in less time. Explore 8 mind-refreshing Diamond Harbour things to do and learn why this scenic and peaceful tour is essential. Read this detailed tourist guide, from Salam Travellers, to find out about the attractions you’ll see, the budget and number of days required, and the best time to visit Diamond Harbour. 

What is the best time to visit Diamond Harbour?

The best time to visit this beautiful landscape is from October to March, as the weather becomes pleasant and the place is at its peak serenity. Moreover, in these months, tourists can attend various festivals in town, such as Diwali, Laxmi puja, and Durga Pooja, and due to being easily accessible from Kolkata, the visitors can also attend the book fair in Kolkata, which is held between January and February.

Top 8 Diamond Harbour Things to Do

Set your compass and your sails to explore the stunning beaches, visit the historic lighthouse, take a boat ride along the Hooghly River, and indulge in delicious seafood at local restaurants. Don’t miss out on visiting the Diamond Harbour Fort, exploring the mangrove forests, and witnessing breathtaking sunsets by the river. Here are the top 8 Diamond Harbour things to do.

1. Ferry Ride

Due to the setting on the river bank, a ferry ride is the most enjoyable activity to explore the beauty of the river in Diamond Harbour. The sun rays in the early morning and sun setting time reflect through water waves and shine like diamonds. 

Double-floor big boats that operate frequently for a trip of the whole day are available, and you can buy a ticket on arrival. Otherwise, online reservations are also available to avoid the long queues during peak season. This ferry service operates from Diamond Harbour to Kukrahati and then comes back. Charges are INR 20 per person.

2. Coastal Walkway

Due to being a coastal town, walking on the riverbank is the best thing to do in Diamond Harbour. You can enjoy pleasant weather with a cool breeze, and the coastal line is a good place for morning and evening walks.

Riverside’s calm and soothing environment gives you enough time to spend with nature and forget about the worries of life. In the evening, while the sun sets and spreads magical colors in the sky, it presents a mesmerizing view.

3. Diamond Harbour County Club 

The country club is also an excellent option to visit in this town and on top of the list of Diamond Harbour things to do. The town has a football club and a Diamond Club, and the library is a great place to stay. In this club, a dance academy is established to conduct dance classes. You can learn this activity for your pleasure and get a health boost.

The club library has a wide range of magazines, books, and digital resources for visitors. You can sit there and read books based on the local culture, traditions, and laws, making you more familiar with the local community. This club is on Choto Nadir Par Road, Noon Gola, downtown Diamond Harbour.

4. Kayaking, Sailing, and Fishing

Diamond Harbour is a fishing port, and tourists can enjoy fishing at Riverside. Due to its confluence with the Bay of Bengal, the river becomes broader and more profound at this point, so there are rich chances of catching the fish. Big ships sailing in rivers from various regions for trading purposes.

Eco Park is a good destination if you want to enjoy full-on adventurous kayaking. It is just about 35km away from Diamond Harbour toward Kolkata. This park is ideal for enjoying this water sport, as a long, narrow, and two-seated kayak is available to enjoy kayaking. The garden is also beautiful and green, allowing for an ideal family picnic. 

5. Kapil Muni Temple 

This temple is dedicated to Saint Kapil Muni, who devoted his life to divine knowledge. Devotees came here after taking a holy dip in the Ganges river and offering their prayers in the temple.

A holy dip in Ganga Sagar is believed to have washed all people’s sins and cured many skin diseases. Millions of Hindus visit this temple each year on the occasion of the Ganga Sagar Mela, which is quite well known, making this temple one of the holiest pilgrimage sites. 

The temple remains open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the deity’s darshan, so you can visit during these working hours. 

6. Bird watching

In the early morning, when the cold breeze blows, people come for a walk on the riverbank and can see various birds that come there to quench their thirst

In Diamond Harbour, the sight of birds watching in the early morning and the evening is beautiful and worth capturing on camera. This birdwatching view of the riverbank’s greenery with crystal clear water amazes you about nature and its beauty.

7. Lighthouse in Diamond Harbour 

This lighthouse is very near Raichak Fort and was built decades ago, but it is still functional for tourists and guides the ships that sail in the river at night. This lighthouse is the best option for enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.

From this heightened lighthouse, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Hooghly River and see the whole of Diamond Harbour and Raichak in detail. The place is also helpful in capturing the beauty of the town from above. Therefore, remember to add this lighthouse to your list while planning a trip to Diamond Harbour.

8. Garchumuk Deer Park 

This zoological park has become a great attraction for tourists. It is just 26km from Diamond Harbour and takes 1 hour to reach by road. This park opens from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The park has an artificial forest, and its scenic beauty attracts tourists from the country. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the Ganges River from this park, and many mammals, birds, and one female crocodile are housed inside the park.

Final Analysis 

Diamond Harbour is a beautiful town with a unique, serene environment to enjoy with family. In this guide, we have explored the 8 fantastic Diamond Harbour things to do. This city has become a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and the Riverside coastal area, which is an ideal place to spend quality time in a calm and tranquil atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, you will find great resorts to stay at and enjoy warm hospitality, so there will be no issue with planning a trip with family. Remember to pack your camera on your packing list, as you will find a lot of scenic beauty to capture with your camera. To get rid of populated areas, plan your next trip to Diamond Harbour and enjoy it with your family by experiencing various activities in town.

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