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Top 8 Android Security Apps with enhanced features

If you have a good antivirus application on your phone that does not mean that you are completely safe. Security is not just one or two items, but a lot of them. Fortunately, Google’s Android operating system is very flexible and thus can easily provide protection to all segments of security and privacy that may be affected. All that is necessary is to know which apps in the Google Play Store will enable it. In case you prefer to be absolutely sure that no one is spying and supervising you, take a look at the apps below.

Text Secure Private Messenger

Security Apps For Android

There are many applications in the Google Play Store that offer messaging in a secure mode without the possibility of spying or risk of jeopardizing the safety of the user. However, the problem is that all of these applications require to be installed for all users who want to secure messaging. Text Secure Private Messenger offers an extra layer of protection when sending SMS messages. This application does not require that the recipient of the message installs Text Secure Private Messenger application. This application is totally free, and if two people who are texting via SMS have this application, messaging will even be safer!

Crypt4All Lite Android security app

This is a popular application that users typically use to encrypt or decrypt files. It was developed with the intention to save privacy files on Android devices. The users most often use it when they want to preserve their sensitive files in a “cloud” service and thus further secure it from a possible leak or disclosure. Literally, no one can access these files if there is no password that you create previously.

#3 Orbot: Proxy with Tor

Orbot is an application that allows its users anonymous access to the Internet, email services or instant messaging without the risk to be tracked, hacked or blocked. Orbot brings “Tor” functions and options directly on the Android platform. For those who do not know, Tor is an open source program that helps to protect against surveillance that is common on the Internet. So Orbot is a tool that serves to protect privacy on the Internet using Tor to encrypt traffic that the user uses and directs it through a number of different computers around the world and thus maintains the user’s anonymity.

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AppLock Android security app

Android Security Apps for with enhanced features

AppLock is most commonly used to protect any personal information such as those that can be collected from a variety of applications. With the help of AppLock, you can set a password on SMS app, gallery, Gmail, Facebook, or even on the phone settings. Literally, you can lock any application and some functions. Do not confuse the possibility of AppLock with security capabilities of the Android platform itself. Android platform offers to lock the phone but not individual applications. Thus, we can conclude that the AppLock application can lock only what we think others do not have permission to view or use, and thus enable the smooth and, above all, safe use of the phone at any time.

Virtual Private Network

If you do not want someone to monitor your Internet surfing, which can detect a number of your habits and information, political activities and who knows what else, then you should use a virtual private network, ie. VPN. Using the VPN, instead of directly communicating with the sites you visit, you will first connect to the server, which will later connect you to the site you want to access. This method practically hides your device and the information contained therein. The primary purpose of a VPN is privacy rather than anonymity.

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AppOps Android security app

Android Security Apps for with enhanced features
AppOps is a free application that allows its users to revoke or block license to other applications. This means that you can block license of individual applications that use something on your phone which is not necessary. This application is revolutionary because not all operating systems have the possibility of granting individual licenses to a single application. 

LastPass Password Manager Premium

Only if you are a person who has a supercomputer instead of brain, and you manage to remember all the passwords you use, especially if you are registered in a number of sites, services and the like, then you will not need this app. Fortunately, for those who do not remember, there is a solution in the form of application that will perform all the tasks for them. It is the application LastPass Password Manager Premium, which provides a much easier use of passwords, logging on to certain websites and their organization.

K-9 Mail Android security app

Emails often contain some sensitive information, regarding the person who receives the email and the person who sends it. This information can be about private life but it can also be business related. In order to protect them, and completely sure that no one will use them, you need a K-9 Mail application. K-9 Mail is a free encrypted app with an open source, which provides users to safely receive and send email message. K-9 Mail uses Android Privacy Guard (AGP) to encrypt the content and allows the user to immediately receive information when the mail arrives.
So these were some best Android Security apps that can help you to secure your Android gadgets easily. You can share this list with your friends. If you have any query or if you know some more Android security apps that I didn’t mentioned in this post, feel free to comment below. Thank you for reading this post.

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