Top 6 Classic Email Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid

Email is the right way to reach many customers in businesses. There are, however, various email customer service mistakes to avoid if you want your business to succeed. You must have the best email marketing strategy if you want to gain more customers.

There are various things that make a perfect email marketing strategy and this is what this article is about. We will explain the diverse email customer service mistakes which you should avoid if you want your business to flourish.

Main Email Customer Service Mistakes

1. Not creating a database

To have a perfect email marketing strategy, you must have people to write to. There are several ways of building an email list. For example, you can get contacts from job websites such as LinkedIn or you can have a newsletter signup section on your website. You can even use Facebook or ask your current customers to invite others.

Do not ever try buying email lists because email companies do not tolerate that and besides that, you will end up writing to people who are not interested in your service. The aim of business emails is to reach people who are interested in what you are offering. So, begin with the customers that you already have and ensure that your emails can be shared so that you can get more referrals.

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2. Failing to plan

Once your contact list is ready, you must think about what to write. Most content strategists depend on content calendars to determine their strategy. The best content calendar will keep the send dates timely and the topics will always be meaningful. For instance, a company that deals with houses can send emails about how to maintain a house.

To know the number of topics you require, you first need to determine the number of times you want to contact people. Doing it once a month is good in most businesses.

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However, you need to be alert to current events. If, for instance, there is a natural disaster, you will need to postpone your customer service email or tailor it as per that event. Also, there might be a different topic that could be of interest to your subscribers. So, plan early enough in order to remain relevant.

3. Little writing time

The biggest email customer service mistakes are often made during writing. The email is required to be short, engaging and simple to read.

You need to spend more time writing. Prepare several drafts and get someone to give you feedback about your email.

If you don’t spare enough time to create an email, you might end up sending one that is full of errors. Especially small companies, which have so much to do and few people to do that, are likely to have a lot of mistakes in their emails. This is why we have professional writers who can be hired to create an email and avoid any customer service common mistakes.

4. Uninteresting subjects

The subject of an email is very crucial in email marketing. Most customers will ignore a message if its subject is boring. Subject mistakes in customer service give a bad impression. Ensure your topic can grab the customer’s attention enough to read it. There are many ways to approach your subject line. The only thing we can advise you here is to try different things, check your open rate success and determine what works for you.

You must, however, attempt to remain creative, conversational and personal.

5. Unprofessional emails

This is also one of the most serious email marketing mistakes. A customer can judge you depending on how your email looks. If it is full of errors and it looks unprofessional, you will look like a joker.

You are competing with many companies once you send an email to a customer. So, ensure you stand out. Write your email properly and if you attach photos, make certain they are of good quality. It is also very important to proofread the message several times before you send.

6. Contacting your customers at the wrong time

This is the least serious of all email customer service mistakes described here. As you stick to your email sending strategy, you need to monitor the rate of openings. If very few people read your mails, then you need to do something about it. That will include changing the time you send them. You should keep changing until you the right time and way to get good results.


Those are the leading email customer service mistakes most companies make. Did you enjoy reading this article? Are there any other critical customer service mistakes that you might have made in your business emails and you feel we should let other business owners know about? Write to us to ask questions if you have any or share your experience.

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