Top 5 Workout Routines that Can Be Done While Traveling

Planning a workout routine when you travel is never easy. There are multiple factors that come into play such as whether or not your hotel has a gym or fitness area, and whether or not those areas are worth using due to the access and equipment.

Even more so, your day is going to be packed with activity so you need workouts that don’t take an excessive amount of time. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of workout routines to help you focus on staying fit without the need for a gym.

5 Workout Routines that Can Be Done While Traveling

1. Chest and Back

Routines that target the major muscles of your upper body, as well as recruit muscles in your core and arms to perform the movement, are an excellent choice when it comes to working out while traveling. If you’re serious about working out in your hotel room, you’ll want to pick exercises that don’t require a lot of equipment such as push up variations and bent over rows, which target both the chest and back effectively.

For pushups, all you need is your body, while bent over rows will require some form of resistance Abdominal workout routines such as using an exercise band that you can easily pack away, or the suitcase itself.

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2. Shoulders and Arms

Another great workout routine to help you maintain upper body strength are ones that incorporate the shoulders and arms. Shoulder presses, tricep dips, and bicep curls, are all exercises that don’t require a lot of equipment, and can be improvised using a suitcase or exercise band.

3. Legs and Calves

For the lower body we recommend routines that incorporate squats, lunges, and calf raises. You can use your own body weight in these types of exercises and you can increase the level of resistance on the muscle groups by either adding a suitcase into the mix, or performing the techniques using a slow, grinding movement which causes the muscle to work harder.

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4. Abs

Abdominal workout routines that effectively target your core are perfect for traveling because they don’t require anything but your own body to perform the movement. Core exercises like planks, bicycle crunches, get ups, flutter kicks, and oblique crunches, are easy to do and don’t require a lot of time when pairing them together.

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5. Full Body Stretch

Believe it or not, you should never neglect a stretching session before or after your routine is complete. In fact, you should even plan a day where the only thing you do as part of your workout routine is stretch, and that is because keeping and improving your body’s range of motion is essential for muscular and joint health.

Furthermore, your body needs a day in which it can rest and recuperate from the strenuous activities you run it through. Stretching routines, such as yoga, are an optimal form of exercise that you can incorporate into your day either before or after your daily activities while you travel.

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