Top 5 Progressive Web App Development Companies in the USA

Progressive Web Apps provide many advantages to businesses. The most significant among them is its ability to deliver a native mobile app-like experience to the user.

In addition to the lower development costs, companies will also save time and money by not having to build separate mobile apps and websites. 

In other words, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to move ahead of their competitors can hire professionals to build a Progressive Web App for their business.

If you are searching for the best service providers, you have come to the correct place, as this blog offers a list of Progressive Web App development companies in the USA that stand out in their services and experience.

These companies can build user-friendly PWAs that load faster, are more secure, and are easier to navigate.

5 Of The Best PWA Development Companies In The USA


SparxIT is a full-service development company that has proven expertise in providing Progressive Web App development services with exceptional features. The company has delivered outstanding mobile and web applications to its wide range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. It has been providing its services for over fifteen years, and some of its notable clients include Intel, HP, Hisense, Cairn, and Motorola.

Its team, with a strength of over 250 specialists, delivers software products successful in generating revenue for businesses across the globe. Their commitment to high standards and quality results can be seen in the glowing reviews and ratings left by their satisfied clients when they hire app developers from this company.

Apart from Progressive Web Apps, SparxIT provides blockchain development, cloud integration, Outcome-driven eCommerce, and many more services to help clients achieve the best results.

Clavax Technologies LLC

This California-based software development company was founded in 2011, and it delivers web and mobile app development services through its large team of over two hundred competent experts. Their goal: to serve their clients with scalable and dependable IT solutions through their Client First approach.

The company also lays emphasis on ensuring security and is PCI DSS certified, which means every project is protected by strict security standards and guidelines. The global process delivery model it follows allows the staff to meet delivery timelines. Its list of eminent clients includes Fujitsu, PWC, Honeywell, United Fuel, and Bluestone.


TemaBit has been helping businesses adopt an online presence through its innovative, end-to-end software solutions for over ten years. The company begins with the architecture and design before it engineers and develops its client’s ideas into efficient, reliable products.

They have a total employee strength of over six hundred skilled professionals, including developers, Quality Assurance (QA) engineers, and data scientists, among other specialists in the IT field. Over the years, the company has created quality apps for a variety of platforms for hundreds of businesses. Furthermore, they offer Kotlin and Swift development services in addition to PWAs and React Native.


This is a company specializing in custom software development for startups, brands, and enterprises through digital journeys planned with strategic roadmaps. It has delivered over five hundred projects for clients in several countries, including the USA, the UK, Germany, Seychelles, and Singapore.

The firm’s customized engagement models play a large role in the successful deployment of projects based on several emerging technologies, such as PWAs, React.js, Node.js, React Native, Native Android, iOS, and many more.


WOXAPP is a software company with over eight years of experience in development. The firm’s expertise extends across mobile development, BPM solutions, web development, and DevOps services. Its goal is to help clients increase sales while decreasing expenses through cost-effective, custom software solutions.

The company is confident in its approach, which includes comprehensive market research and competitor analysis, along with a focus on the target audience. It provides cloud-native, cross-platform apps on multi-stack programming languages with the help of serverless architecture for secure scalability.

To Conclude

These are five of the best service providers to build the perfect website for you. The Progressive Web App Development Companies listed here have proven themselves to be experts in the field. They have completed several PWA projects for clients from diverse industries and with many different needs. 

You can filter your choice based on your budget and other factors related to your business.

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