Top 5 Destinations To Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride In India

Riding in a hot air balloon and looking at the beautiful and eye-catching views of the places from the top, is still a dream for some people and has always been some sort of a fantasy and adventure for tourists around the globe. 

There is a huge demand for beautiful sightings, wonderful scenery, places and countries from high above the sky and in open air, floating in a basket and being carried all over the skies, like a bird. Apparently, hot air balloon rides were a lot more popular in western countries but now it has gained an immense popularity in India where it is exercised and promoted widely. 

However, the introduction of hot air balloon rides in India has created much more fun, excitement and curiosity among people. Gradually as more and more people came to know about it, the more popular and attractive it became, getting a place as one of the rising tourist attractions in the country. 

Hot Air Balloon rides are a general idea of fun and excitement at foreign countries, but having one in India is as amusing and crazy as it sounds! The concept may have taken its own good time to stabilize in India, with the help of some good investment and interest, today you can find many places that offer hot air balloon rides, which tower over some amazing sceneries. So, get ready to experience some of the best and most amazing rides of your life. Here is a list of some of the existing and fun destinations in India for Hot Air Balloon rides. 

1. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Well who doesn’t want to go to Manali? No one, right! The beautiful town of Manali lies at a height of more than 10,000 feet above the sea level and offers a mesmerizing view of the valley below it. It has mendows, lush green mountains and snow-capped peaks that makes it an ideal destination for hot air balloon rides in India. Tourists can also visit nearby places such as Kullu, Shimla, and Spiti Valley during their trip to Manali which makes it even more attractive for them to opt for this activity. 

  • Best Time: April to October
  • Approximate cost of one person: INR 1100 – 2000 
  • Activity duration: 7 – 20 minutes approximately.

2. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling is considered one of the best places to enjoy hot air balloon rides in India while witnessing its smoothing environment. The city offers some eye-catching and mesmerizing views of the Himalayan range and the tea gardens too. Darjeeling Hot Air Ballooning is by far one of the most popular activities here since it allows you to see some of the spectacular views of the majestic Himalayan Mountains including Nanda Devi peaks, Kanchenjunga and surrounding areas such as Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, and Tibet from the above. It is an unforgettable experience that will stay in your heart forever!

  • Best Time: October to May
  • Approximate cost per person: INR 1800 – 3000 
  • Activity duration: 30 – 60 minutes approximately. 

3. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Do you also wish to watch the Taj Mahal from above, then my friend you are not alone, because it’s everyone’s wish to witness the beauty of Taj Mahal from above. And you can make your wish come true by taking a hot air balloon ride. 

  • Best Time: October to March
  • Approximate cost per person: INR 600 – 800 
  • Activity duration: 15 – 20 minutes approximately

4. Jaipur and Pushkar, Rajasthan

Jaipur and Pushkar both are one of the most popular tourist destinations in all over the country, thanks to their rich culture and heritage, architectural beauty, and natural elegance . The city has numerous parks that offer picturesque and eye-catching views of the city skyline and surrounding areas. A relaxing hot air balloon ride over these wonderful locations will make your trip more memorable and an unforgettable experience. 

  • Best Time: September to June
  • Approximate cost per person: INR 10,000 – 12,000 
  • Activity duration: 60- 120 minutes approximately.

5. Udaipur, Rajasthan 

Udaipur is another one of the popular tourist destinations in India that offers great opportunities for exquisite hot air balloon rides. Located in the state jf sands, Rajasthan! Udaipur has many beautiful lakes, historical temples, and elegant palaces that can be explored during your trip here. If you are looking for a fun-filled weekend gateway with friends or family then Udaipur has to be on your top list!

  • Best Time: September to June
  • Approximate cost: INR 1500 per person
  • Activity duration: 10- 15 minutes approximately 

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