Top Weight Loss Myths Exposed And Explained

Losing weight is one of the top priorities for the majority of the world’s population. Weight loss is such a popular topic that there are many misconceptions and myths going around the internet and social media regarding it. Majority of these myths are laughable and ridiculous yet many people fall for these false notations and often harm their body and health.

 So Here Is The List Of 4 Common Weight Loss Myths.

 The More Intense The Exercise The More Weight Would I Lose

This is the most common myth that is prevalent among the masses. Although intense workout is great for the overall health of the body, and it helps for losing excess weight but the statement is not entirely true. The most important thing to analyze in this is that everybody has a different level of response when it comes to workouts. Some body types may respond positively to intense workout while it may be harmful to others. If you have been physically inactive for many years and suddenly do intense workout you may put a great strain on your body. It can harm your body and you can have an injury. So you should design a workout routine according to your body type, physical activeness, and body limitations.

Skipping Meals Good For Losing Weight

This is also a very popular myth regarding weight loss. People often go on a fasting spree to reduce weight. Studies actually show that people who skip their breakfast and skip meals, actually become heavier. The best strategy is to have a healthy nutritional breakfast and eat 4 to 6 small means in a day. The science behind this is, when you get hungry in the later part of the day after skipping meals you tend to overeat, and actually put on more weight instead of losing it.

My Body Doesn’t React To Losing Fat

This excuse is often given by people who don’t want to work out hard on weight loss. People also believe in this myth and think that their body is never going to lose fat. Keeping this faith devoid them of doing anything about losing the excess fat. This is a false notation everyone can lose weight if he or she is determined to do so. By following a decent diet routine and well planned workout plan, this can be easily achieved. Consistent effort can do wonders for your weight loss.

Weight Loss Can Reduce My Immunity

This is also an excuse given by people who don’t want to lose their excess weight as they are too lazy to do so or fear for their safety. They believe in this myth that losing weight can reduce their body’s immunity power. This is also a false notation. In fact keeping a healthy body fat ratio or body mass index can improve your immunity, increase your health and make you healthier like never before.


 These are some of the common myths surrounding weight loss. People often believe these false stories and prevent themselves from a better lifestyle. It is always best to seek professional help from verified and experienced weight loss professionals like Colorado Springs weight loss clinic. These Professional entities understand your body’s algorithm and functioning and design a weight loss plan that would be beneficial for your health and body. So say no to the myths and say yes to a healthy and safer lifestyle.

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