Top 10 Most Common iPhone Problems and their Quick Fixes

Today most of the youth are the iPhone user’s and it’s the latest trendy gadget with hardware and software both designed by Apple. Apple is an organization that is very focused on delivering the quality of the devices that they make along with the reliability and stability of the software that supports their devices. Yet despite this very high history, there are still chances of some common issues that a customer may come across throughout the use of the iPhone. These errors can occur while upgrading your current Ios to new iOS, data transfer from old iPhone to new iPhone while launching new apps or jailbreak. Apart from this, there can be other several issues also from hardware, software or there can be a bug in iOS which needs to be fixed. Don’t worry all these issues can be immediately diagnosed and fixed by the experts of Repair my phone today. Initially, they will diagnose for free your phone and after detecting the root cause of error they will suggest you the most feasible solutions.

The certified technicians of Repair my phone today have a strong motto of giving full customer satisfaction at very affordable prices. For valuable customers they offer two packages one is for students in which they can get up to a 5% discount off on all repairs services usually along with a new free Sim. The customers who are part of some organization can choose and customize their business service package including other benefits depending on the account type. Repair my phone today is the best hub for fixing all your iPhone related issue issues from Apple iPhone Screen replacement cost, Apple iPhone 7 Water Damage, Apple iPhone 7 Battery Replacement, port issue, and much more. The experts have years of knowledge with all the latest tools, any upgrades, parts replacement and are available round the clock to assist you in a hassle-free manner.

Here we are sharing the most common iPhone problems and their quick fixes on your own.

1. Facing error of Wi-Fi connectivity on the new Apple iPhone.

These days this is the most common error encountered by most iPhone users. If you are facing the same then the most simple solution is to switch off and then restart the iPhone. In case the issue persists, then go to the settings, followed by a click on the WiFi option and then scroll down till the end page, make the HTTP proxy to auto settings.


2. You can’t update the iPhone to its Newest Version of iOS.

Are you looking for the most common iPhone problems and solutions before purchasing a new iPhone? Then the most common error is not getting iPhone updated to the latest iOS version. You can like this: simply connect your iPhone to Mac or PC and then do the force restart which will open your iPhone to the recovery mode. Here, you will get the update option and you have to click on it, This will start the update process and once it’s done your phone will work as normal. In case you not getting the update option after a force restart, try to do the restore option this will remove the entire data from the phone. Later, you will get the latest software version which you can restore along with the backed up data. If still facing issues then it’s better to connect with the experts.

3. Screen Is Damaged.

There is no need to feel bad if somehow your iPhone screen gets cracked? Then worry not and simply contact the expert of Apple iPhone Screen Repairs near youThe certified technicians are skilled to fix the error in limited time in a cost-effective manner. At Repair my phone today experts prefer high-quality tools and material to swap the LCD and glass of your iPhone. They are the best service provider in the market at a very reasonable price.

4. Data Lost on your iPhone.

It is very irritating when you lost some of your important data, but these days its one of the most common issues encountered by most of the iPhone users. If you are using an iCloud backup, the solution will be simple. You need to sync your device to iCloud-iPhone. This process can be done at night. All the missing data will be available in the iCloud. In case you are not able to locate it, then you should rush to an Apple store to find the right measures to get back the lost data.

5. The Camera Is Not Working

It might be possible that you have enabled some of the restrictions, in that case, your camera is not going to work. Your iPhone camera will not work if you have any restrictions that are enabled. You can verify it by navigating through Settings-General instructions and then turn on the Camera. Following this will mostly resolve the issue. If still, you are encountering the same issue, then might be your iPhone camera is not working. In that case, it’s a piece of advice to connect with the Apple experts.

6. Rapid Battery Drainage.

Nowadays, the most common problems related to the iPhone are quick battery draining. The best way out is to turn off all the unwanted apps that you are not currently using. If still facing the problem, then it is advisable to contact the service provider as soon as possible. Your iPhone might need a battery replacement.

7. iPhone Touchscreen Is Not Working

There are several reasons for the occurrence of a touchscreen error: maybe it has stopped responding or you are getting a black screen display. The first solution is that you should immediately restart your phone. If still, it doesn’t work, then put your phone on charge for an hour. After this most probably the error will get fixed. If still facing the same display issue then it might be a hardware problem. In that case, you need to look for an iPhone screen repair expert. If Apple is unable to fix, try connecting with the authorized Apple reseller. Your problem will be fixed at an affordable price.

8. Damage Due To Water

 For all electronic devices, water is the biggest enemy. really and the same goes for the iPhone too. Don’t worry if somehow you drop your phone and it gets submerged in the water, you can implement so many options before stop using it. The first step is to dry the phone with tissues and wipe all the excess water using a tissue paper. Keep in mind not to immediately switch on the phone or put on charge this will permanently damage the device. The next thing you can try is to place your iPhone in a cup of rice and leave it for 24 hours. The rice will absorb the excess of water. If the phone is still not working, you need to immediately contact the nearby Apple iPhone service provider.

9. iPhone is working slowly

Sometimes your phone is not working properly. The one solution for this problem is to remove the unwanted apps from your phone or clear the cache on Safari web browser

10. Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

This is one of the most common problems usually encountered with the many users, the simple solution is to navigate to the setting, followed by a click on general, then click reset all the options and settings. As a result, it will remove all your previously saved settings leading to resolving the issue too.

When Do You Need A New Phone?  

Your iPhone may have a sentimental value because you bought it years ago as brand new. Your iPhone has captured many, and you want them to stay on the phone even if advanced media backups are available. 

When your iPhone is beyond repair, it’s a good idea to replace it—even working iPhone that frequently need repair need replacing, which is more cost-effective than paying for repair services.  

Buying a new phone gives you the perks of owning an iPhone first, especially if you have money to spend to shop for the latest model in the market. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider buying a refurbished iPhone instead of an expensive, new phone. In this way, you can save money from buying a new one. 

Good quality refurbished phones sold in reputable online phone shops are “like-new,” which means the first owners barely used them. The phones were either used for only about a couple of months or a year. The first owners might have decided to upgrade and sell the old ones, which are up for sale at almost 50% to 75% of the phone’s original price. In addition, legitimate sellers check the phones they sell online to protect their reputations. Therefore, you can vouch for the quality of refurbished phones from reputable sellers.

Thanks for being so patient and reading till the end. Hopefully, this piece of information will surely be going to help you somewhere in choosing the right iPhone Repair Services provider.  If you are facing any other issue apart from the above-mentioned issues, then feel free to contact the Repair my phone today professionals they will guide you in the best possible manner.




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