Top 10 Fitness Trends of 2019 that you must carry forward in 2020!

In a world obsessed with having a perfectly toned body that one can show off on social media, 2019 saw a drastic difference in people’s attitude, with a shift towards overall wellness rather than having that ‘perfect body’. The number of people going in with such an approach is only going to increase in the coming year. With all the wellness trends emerging, you can improve your fitness from the well-known wellness centre in Dubai.  

The fitness industry has been evolving over the years, with 2019 seeing a considerable jump with more tech-related gadgets and wearables getting introduced. New training techniques, workout routines, changes in nutrition, and supplements came in 2019 with people taking a new route to achieve greater and organic fitness. You can check out myfitnesshub for all the latest diets and supplements including protein powders that help people get the most out of their workouts. Out of all the fitness trends that came up in 2019 Out of all the fitness trends that came up in 2019, here are 10 of them that you should carry forward into the New Year or even the coming decade.


If there is one training routine that took the fitness industry by storm a couple of years ago, then it have to be HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The routine strictly focusses on making people sweating over manageable intervals. However, the trend is slightly seeing a transformation in its approach and turning into HILIT (High Intensity Low-Impact Training). The biggest challenge with HIIT was the intense impact experienced by people on their joints, which is why the need to alter the exercise came about. 

All-in-one Fitness Houses

One of the biggest trends seen in 2019 was that of gyms turning into a one-stop-centre for all things related to fitness and wellness. Now, big companies are investing heavily in the industry and are coming up with huge swanky fitness centres where you get your gym equipment, spa, experienced trainers, nutritionists, wellness doctors, along with a restaurant and supplement store. Going to such places has improved the feasibility of fitness in general. 

Demand for Personal Trainers

The biggest trend in the fitness industry seen in 2019 was that of hiring personal trainers for workouts at home or local gym . For this, hiring a good fitness consultant who is good at crafting appropriate workout routines and nutrition is the best way to go. 

Fitness and Wellness on the Go

In this digital world, it is quite hard to not use technology for almost everything and that is exactly what has happened in the fitness industry as well. With more and more wearables coming in the market, people are drawn to working out whenever possible. With the kind of busy schedules people have, walking, running or cycling have become their source of workout and these wearables help you track your fitness. Moreover, such devices also help you connect with the best fitness trainers from around the world.

Disconnected Fitness

In contrast to the above point, a significant number of people are now focussing on disconnected fitness where they switch away from all tech-related things for an hour or two during their workout and just focus on their wellness. It helps in creating short mental health detoxes as well, helping you improve your focus and mental balance. Explore a little more info through

Meditation as part of your workout plan

It can be tough for people to find a special time for meditation on a daily basis and this is exactly the reason why a lot of trainers have incorporated meditation as part of the workout plan. Many believe that 20-30mins of HIIT/HILIT along with 15 mins of meditation can transform lives for the better and there have been significant improvements in both, the physical and mental health of people. Moreover, thinking positive automatically helps in releasing endorphins into the blood, ensuring high energy and a great mood.

Customized Training and Supplements

Along with the trend of hiring personal trainers, the biggest trend seen in the last year was creating customized training and diet plans, including the intake of supplements. A good nutritionist will always tell you how each body is different from the other and hence the common methodology of going with the same diet and supplement intake plan for everyone is absolute bonkers. Therefore, the right way to go forward is to create your training program where you do exercises that you are comfortable with, but are also add a few workout routines that are efficient enough to improve your complete body muscles. 

Rowing classes

Rowing is the new sensation in the industry, with almost everyone trying their hand at it. This excellent cardio exercise involves the movement of almost all your body muscles and does not require a lot of space in your home as well. Since it great for your joints, people of all age groups can indulge in it, which is why it became such a popular trend. 

Functional Fitness

Functional Training is the latest but fastest-growing fitness regimen around the world as it focuses on exercises that will help you in your daily activities. It focuses on the movement of your body muscles in ways that will help you in your daily life. This kind of training is extremely important for athletes. For example, a marathon runner has no business pumping up his muscles and losing his long-lasting stamina and endurance. His fitness regimen will solely focus on good nutrition and building up that endurance level. Similarly, everyone gets to do the training that directly translates into improving their daily goals. 

With all these fitness trends emerging as the best ones of the year, they are surely going to rule supreme in 2020 as well. If you plan to work out and improve your fitness, and in turn your overall wellness, you should incorporate a majority of the trends mentioned here. 

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