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Tips to Shoot Amazing Drone Photos

Tips to Shoot Amazing Drone Photos

Aerial photography is literally an entirely different game from what you shoot from the ground. It’s very tough and slower to make the compositions and you actually need to think and consider all sorts of rules and limitations to successfully get your shot. However, when it is about photography, drones have come up with various new angles and possibilities. 

Even thinking of new technology directly takes you to drones. You can get the best drones under 300, which is small and easy to carry in your bag pack. Having a little experience in drone photography, I can give you some tips to shoot the perfect photographs:

Higher Is Good, But Not Always

You might find it very interesting to fly your drone extremely high and shoot from there but it generally leads to a messy photograph with lots of unnecessary things in the frame. If you want a better composition, it’s always a good choice to get closer and lower to the required objects. Also, you can try with different heights to view the distance relation between objects getting smaller or larger. With a drone, you have an option to experiment with different heights while when shooting from the ground, you can just click by your height.


You must find objects and then place the same in your frame’s 3rd grid. It is quite difficult to get the perfect composition from the sky but yes by practicing, you can easily look for amazing lines and objects.  You should use them in a way that leads the viewer into the image, as you shoot in the normal camera. If you are in the mountains, you can use rivers as leading lines from the sky.

Say Hello to Google Earth: 

A tremendous software that has been in the market for years, Google Earth provides an animation tool for 3D imagery to help you edit your drone sequences. The software will amaze you because of its details. You must try the 3D view to know how detailed it is because you would literally be able to see your own car and house.

Noise Stacking:

When I shoot pictures, I use the burst mode and the camera takes 5 shots one after the other. It actually reduces the noise in the drone shots. The tiny magic sensors make noise even if you have set the ISO at 100 and especially when you try to process them. It gets easier to stack all the 5 photos together, with multiple noise pattern in every photo, the software allows you to get a final shot properly.

No Ultra Wide-Angle Lenses: 

When you are in the sky, it is not required too. But in case you wish to shoot more than one frame, you can make use of the panorama option. It is recommended to use 1/4 or half of the pano but yes, a pano is a little fast. Generally, auto drone picture mode in magics works wonders always. It’s a good choice to allow drone sage the raw files and then stitch all of them in Photoshop and lightroom

capturing normal photos using camera

Weather Conditions Matter: 

when you fly around the fog, it is extremely amazing. It gives an atmosphere that is just magical. Also, you can use backlight objects and play with amazing shadows in compositions.

Correct Settings: 

You should use ISO 100 when shooting a picture. Small drone sensors play amazing in decreasing noise and quality. In case you have an adjustable aperture, like on the Phantom 4 and Mavic 2, using around f/4-f/5.6 will be great. Don’t live in this misconception that f/11 gives you the best sharpness. It is too soft and gives a bad quality image. Hence you must try to ignore shooting in this aperture.

Be Confident and That’s It: 

Initially, you may get scared to fly drone far away but with time it would become easier and you will understand the capability of the same.  Also, no matter you lose signals or have problems with your phone, pressing the RTH button will be enough to get it back to work.

Firstly, you need to follow all the rules and fly responsibly. Lots of photographers like flying above crowded cities thinking that it is cool but it is very dangerous because of several reasons. So, consider the tips given above to get the best pictures and improve your drone photography.

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