Tips To Make Your Eyes More Attractive

How many times have you heard the phrase Eyes are the window to the soul?

Our eyes are the central feature of our faces, so obviously, we want to make them as noticable and attractive as we can.

It’s no secret that the most popular makeup product in the world is mascara. In fact, a 2020 statistics an astonishing 106.05 million women in the U.S. have admitted to using mascara. But today, we’re looking at some more advanced, pro tips for drawing attention to the eyes.

White Eyeliner

Big eyes have always been considered feminine and attractive, so your makeup routine should focus on visually expanding them. Mascara is a must, but there are several tricks you can use to open up the eyes.

The most effective one of those is using white eyeliner along the lower waterlines. It’s a well-known rule in enterior decoration – dark colors shrink spaces, while bright colors expand them. This principle has been used by makeup artists for decades to achieve the classic doe-eyed look.

Pick a soft but waterproof eyeliner and apply it at the inner corners of your eyes. Experiment and find out whether your eyes look wider with the eyeliner applied along the entire waterline from corner to corner, or just around your inner tearducts. For a more subtle effect, you can go for an off-white shade or beige. 

On Point Eyebrows

Eyebrows are to the eyes what a fabulous frame is to a painting. They draw attention to them and highlight their beauty. 

This magical function they have has lead to the eyebrow obsession of the late 2010s which only seems to be growing stronger. That’s why beauticians have developed a range of permanent makeup procedures meant to enhance the natural beauty of the eyebrows. If you’re looking for subtle enhancement, artists who’ve taken the best certified microblading course in Montreal have mastered the your-brows-but-better look. If you’re into a more dramatic look, look into the ombre brows treatment.

Having permanent makeup for eyebrows allows you to perfect their shape and fix any sparse patches without having to apply regular makeup, which will give your face symmetry and open up the eyes. Just bear in mind that going too dark or too thich may leave the eyes looking smaller than they actually are.

Color-Coordinate Your Eye Makeup to Your Protective Mask

The Covid-19 prevention measures have brought many changes into our lives, and our beauty routines were not spared. With protective facial masks being an inevitable accessory this season, we have to make the best of the situation and use them to our advantage.

Masks now come in a million different colors and patterns, so you can match them to your outfit. But why not go a step further and match them to your makeup?

With the lower half of our faces covered up most of the day, it’s all about eye makeup. So when you’re doing your makeup in the morning, bear your mask in mind. Pick neutral tones that won’t clash with your mask no matter its color, or get creative and treat the mask as an intergral part of the look. Apply eyeshadow in the same color as your mask, or, if your mask has a print, pick one of the colors and use it in your makeup look.

Lash Lift for an Instant Refreshment

The most popular beauty treatments of the last year is the lash lift. Women and men all over the world feel like the good old mascara just isn’t enough anymore and lash salons have been fully booked ever since.

The lash lift is completely non-invasive – all it does is make your natural lashes look longer, fuller, and curlier by applying a cocktail of 100% safe chemicals which, well, lifts the lashes. Optionally, you can also have your lashes tinted, which adds volume and works great for those of us who have thin and light eyelashes.

The treatment itself takes up to an hour, and the results will last for about a month. 

Get Your Reading Glasses On

Reading glasses are definitely not only for sight correction anymore! In fact, ever since Alessandro Michele’s first collection for Gucci, reading glasses have been one of the hottest accessories on runways – and on the streets.

If you want to instantly draw attention to the beauty of your eyes, pick a frame that works best with your face shape. The lenses should be big enough to show your eyes, but not so large that the upper edge of the frame goes over your brows.

And no, you don’t need a prescription!

In Short

If you want to enhance your look, the quickest way to do it is to make your eyes look more attractive and noticable. You can do this by switchnig up your makeup routine, grabbing a pair of trendy glasses, or treat yourself to a beauty treatment.

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