Tips To Help You Prepare for an OFCCP Audit

Every federal contractor and subcontractor is aware that their business must undergo an annual audit by the OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) to ensure they uphold affirmative action guidelines that keep the workplace fair and equitable for everyone. But even if you know it’s coming, getting ready for one is a massive endeavor. Here are some tips to help you prepare for an OFCCP audit effectively.

Get Your Data Organized

The first step is to get the relevant documentation and information in order. This includes:

  • A complete copy of your affirmative action plan
  • Materials used for recruitment and hiring
  • A complete listing of your applicants
  • Promotion and termination data
  • Compensation data

If you’ve taken the time to digitize your company’s files, then this task will be quite simple. Otherwise, you’ll need to gather all the physical files throughout your company’s infrastructure. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to enact an audit of your own to go over your company and ensure you have everything in order. This will give you a chance to make any corrections before the OFCCP arrives.

Update Your AAP

Speaking of your affirmative action plan (AAP), you should review and revise it ahead of time. The guidelines and standards the OFCCP sets constantly evolve, so what may have passed last year may not do so this year. Review the OFCCP’s guidelines and take the time to implement them into an updated AAP that you can then present to the OFCCP on the day of your audit. Just be sure you’re also putting these updated guidelines into practice.

Outsource to Experts

Perhaps the greatest tip to help you prepare for an OFCCP audit is to consider outsourcing OFCCP compliance to AAP experts. The task of thoroughly preparing for an audit is incredibly time-consuming and painstaking, which makes it difficult to complete when you must also juggle your regular responsibilities along with it. An AAP consultant will be able to use their expertise to ensure your business is ready and able to pass the audit with flying colors.

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