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Tips to Create Winning Teams on Dream11

Winning Teams on Dream11Cricket ball resting on a cricket bat on green grass of cricket pitch

Dream11 is the biggest fantasy sports platform in India. Out of all available games, fantasy cricket has the maximum number of users. Here you have to create a team of 11 players with a maximum of 100 credit points. You would earn points according to the performance of the real players you have chosen in every Dream11 match.

However, before getting started, you need to go through the fantasy points system in detail. Once you are done, you could enter the game by following the below-mentioned steps – 

Select a Match:

First things first, select any upcoming match listed on Dream11.

Create a Team

Tap on “Create Team” and remember this is the most vital step as the performance of your team would decide the outcome. You would have to put in all of your cricketing knowledge and create a balanced team. You have to select wicketkeeper/s, batsmen, all-rounder/s, and bowlers using 100 credits to good effect.

Joining a contest

The next step is joining a contest. The best part about Dream11 is that anyone could join a contest. There are majorly two types of contests – paid and free. Free contests are practice contests in which you don’t have to pay anything for joining. You could test your skills in such contests before moving to paid contests. Paid contests are further divided into majorly two groups – small leagues and grand leagues. You would find numerous contests of different amounts. You could select a contest of your choice and give yourself a chance of winning.

Following the Match

Follow the match once you have joined the contest. You could also make the last-minute changes before the deadline and make sure every player in your team is playing in the match. Once you are done, sit back and enjoy the game, and keep tracking the performance of your players.

Keep a winning mentality

Stay confident while making your team. The winning spirit would help you in remaining upbeat while creating your side. Too much defensive mindset could cost you big time, so staying confident in your knowledge and skills would help you making some aberrant decisions.

Dream11: Top 6 Tips

Winning consistently on Dream11 requires a lot of understanding and strategic planning. Here we are sharing some tips to help you in nailing every match.

  1. Play Selective Matches: Do not play every single match on Dream11 in an attempt to earn more money. This is the most common and biggest mistake rookies make on Dream11. Play selective matches only, most preferably a single tournament. Keep a tab on everything of a single competition, and you would see a positive streak building up soon.
  2. Research Beforehand: A well-versed research is key in winning today match prediction on Dream11. While luck plays an important role, research helps you in winning more often than not. Know everything about the particular match, including, players’ recent form, their reputation, pitch and weather conditions, and players’ roles, etc. 
  3. Include all-rounders in your team: Do not forget to pick premium all-rounders on your side as they are likely to earn you points in both departments of bowling and batting. Know everything about their batting position, the number of overs they are likely to bowl, and how much they are likely to impact the match. Most of the all-rounders are good options for captain and vice-captain as well.
  4. Don’t invest all of your money in a single match: Do not gamble big. Distribute the total available amount in 4-5 small amounts. If you have won 2-3 consecutive matches, it doesn’t mean you would win the next one too. Play safe and avoid losing all of your money in a single match.
  5. Take Risks: Taking risks could help you in winning big. By taking risks, it doesn’t mean you would play wild. Just select a player or two who could perform in a particular match, and they are not selected by many. Such differential picks could help you in winning the game.
  6. Select your captain and vice-captain wisely: In Dream11, the performances of your captain and vice-captain decide the performance of your team in most cases. It would directly make the difference between winning and losing. Do not take risks while choosing your captain and vice-captain and select the most consistent performers.

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