Tips For Betting On The CFL While In Canada

The Canadian Football League, commonly referred to as the CFL, has been around for 64 years and it’s not simply the Canadian version of the NFL, which is by far the more popular league. 

However, the CLF’s Grey Cup has been around since 1909 and is handed to the league champion every year. The cup game is the most-watched sports and television event in the country on an annual basis.

The Canadian league has been a subject of betting for quite some time but the growth of betting in the country has made it so that many sportsbooks now offer odds on CFL games, leaving fans with a wide range of punting options. Bookmakers such as BetMGM have some promo codes for Ontario while you’re likely to find such for various locations in the country.

There are only four games played in the CFL every week as there are only nine teams in the league. On the flip side, there’s one more game to bet on than the NFL offers as all teams play 18 games over the 21-week regular season.

Wherever you’re planning to make your bets, there are some things you will need to keep in mind, as well as avoid. Not to worry, though, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s start with the best CFL bets for beginners. It shouldn’t take one too long to get a grasp on things in that regard and getting accustomed to the options offered by various bookies should happen pretty quickly too. But there are some bets that are better for newbies looking to bet on Canadian football.


These are the simplest type of bets and involves just betting on the team you’re rooting for or think is going to win. If you’re looking to keep things simple or make your first bet without much confusion, moneyline betting is your pick.


Making a futures bet means you’re betting on a long-term outcome such as winning a division or the Grey Cup, or how many games a team wins at the end of the season. Such odds come with a larger payout and bettors are usually a lot more invested given that results won’t come immediately.


Totals betting could sometimes be simpler than the above as you don’t have to pick a winner, instead just over or below a certain number of points scored by the offense. There could be certain factors, such as the weather or injury reports, that could leave one inclined to go with totals.

Live Betting

Live betting isn’t as traditional and is relatively novel. It can make someone a lot of money if undertaken correctly. Moneylines, spreads, and totals can all be had from a live bet but they will be very fluid and change as the game goes on.

Bettors might want to participate in live betting if they’re late to place a bet on a certain match or just didn’t know which team to bet on before it started. Persons new to CFL affairs might want to see how a game goes for a bit before making a decision.

So, what do new CFL bettors need to avoid?

The biggest thing would be unfamiliarity. If you’re already used to watching CFL games and aren’t as interested in the NFL, you’re probably good. For persons new to Canadian Football, though, it’s important to remember that, while the football is generally the same, there are differences between the CFL and NFL.

Scoring, rules, the clock, timeouts, and personnel are among some of the things that differ. The differences are minor but familiarizing oneself with the CFL rulebook is worth doing. 

Another thing to pay attention to is the management of the bankroll. 

Bankroll management is a whole other topic that needs its own guide, but one could be found right here. The most important thing to note as it pertains to this: don’t try to make up for a loss or losing streak by increasing your bets. That is often a recipe for disaster.

For those unsure of how to place bets in Canada, it’s also pretty simple. Folks need to register with an online sportsbook, which is pretty straightforward and could be completed via a computer or mobile device in just a few minutes.

Select your preferred sportsbook and enter all the required information, such as email, address, and other contact details. A photo ID will also have to be uploaded. 

Once the process is completed, you could go ahead and make a deposit on your account and, of course, claim the welcome bonus the bookmaker offers. You will then be able to place the bets you want using both your balance and the bonus that is offered. Many bookies match whatever amount you deposit; some match up to $2,000.

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