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6 Tips And Suggestions About Writing A Resume For Digital Marketing

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Writing a quality resume is one of the most important steps in the process of finding a new job. As a digital marketer, you know how important it is to make a good presentation in order to sell something. The same goes for your CV. It has to present you in a way which will make potential employers call you to that interview.

Therefore, you need to write a CV which will break the ice for you, and evoke interest in those who read it. If you’re not quite sure how to write a resume for digital marketing, don’t worry.

Just keep reading to learn these 6 valuable tips and suggestions.

6 Tips And Suggestions About Writing A Resume For Digital Marketing

1. Keep it Simple & Organized

The golden rule of writing a great resume is to keep it neat and simple. This is so as to ensure any employer will manage to find the information they need within seconds.

As a digital marketer, you know your way around creating infographics and making a visually exciting presentation of content. However, with your resume, you need to forget about the visual upgrades.

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Just keep things simple and focus on the following:

– sections

Your CV needs to have clearly separated sections, containing different information about yourself.

– font

Use a simple, business font such as Times New Roman. Don’t use some silly or hard to read fonts.

– bullet points and lists

Break down each section using bullet points and lists to make your CV even more well-organized.

2. Write in Sections

Every CV, whether it’s for digital marketing or any other area, needs to contain the basic sections.

Those include:

  • name and contact information
  • education and training
  • previous jobs with dates
  • current jobs with dates
  • skills

Keep each section clearly separated from the next or previous one, and make it easy for each employer to scan and skim your CV, according to what interests them the most.

3. Do The Research

There shouldn’t be one unique copy of your resume that you’ll be sending to dozens of different companies and job openings.

On the contrary, there should be a template copy that you’ll change and adapt to make it suitable for a specific job in mind.

This means, that prior to sending a CV, you need to do the research and find out:

  • what type of content does this company usually publish
  • what style, tone, and language do they use
  • what skills will you need to perform well on this job

Once you get the answers, make sure to make some changes in your resume emphasizing those specific skills and abilities that they’re looking for in a future employee.

This will increase your chances of standing out from the rest and getting a chance for an interview.

4. Give Specific Insight

Everything that you’re proud of from your previous job experiences, you need to showcase in your resume.

This means that you need to give your potential employers something real, something you’ve achieved and the results of which are still present today.

This includes:

  • attaching links to websites, pages, and campaigns you’ve done
  • giving numbers on the impact of your previous work (e.g. percentage of increased traffic for a specific website)
  • briefly enlisting your key projects and achievements

Make it factual and not like you’re bragging. Just lay out the facts and give your employers something to be fascinated by.

5. Update Your LinkedIn Account

Your future employers don’t want to waste time doing interviews with candidates who are simply not skilled, professional, or talented enough.

This is why most of them perform research of their own, trying to find out as much as possible about you, prior to making that phone call and scheduling an interview.

Since LinkedIn is the social media designed for the purpose of making professional contacts, that’s where they’ll look first.

Keep your LinkedIn account:

  • updated
  • rich in information
  • professionally written
  • containing links to your previous work
  • with a killer headline
  • containing a summary that showcases your personality

Make sure your LinkedIn account adds value to your professional self and pushes potential employers towards hiring you. You can also add Social Selling Coach as a consultant
that can help with LinkedIn optimization.

6. Keep it Accurate

One of the most important and highly-appreciated skills of great digital marketing is definitely attention to detail and accuracy in writing.

You can’t allow your resume to have any mistakes. This will make you seem unprofessional and sloppy.

This is why, every time before you send your resume, you need to:

  • proofread it for mistakes
  • check whether there’s any spelling errors or missing words
  • check vocabulary and sentence structure

If you find this to be too stressful for you, or you simply don’t trust yourself enough to proofread your own resume, you can use any of the tools and service for the list below.


This is one of the best online proofreading tools. It can proofread entire documents, marking the mistakes and providing an accurate solution.

Hemingway App

This online grammar and spell checker will remove any mistakes, and issues it may come across in your resume.

White Smoke

Another simple to use and highly efficient proofreading tool you can use to refine your resume and make it impeccable.

Final Thoughts

Writing a resume for digital marketing implies showcasing your skills, talents, and experience, while not trying to sound too boastful. It’s important that you tailor your CV to each specific job application and make sure it catches the eye of the reader.

Use the tips and suggestions from above and write a killer resume for nailing that digital marketing job you’re aiming at.

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