3 Simple Ways To Create a Trendy Salon and Spa

Is your salon and spa in need of a remodel? Let’s face it; a salon remodel can mean a lot of dollar signs. Instead, use these three simple ways to create a trendy salon and spa. Enjoy the compliments that your clients will give you from these updates.


Don’t break the bank when you can change the color of your walls. This will wow clients and make the salon/spa look refreshed. Neutral colors leave room for pops of color in the accessories of the salon. Use the Adobe color pallet generator to help you decide on a vision. This will also help you communicate to others what color(s) you’d like to use. Plus, some home improvement stores will have discount paint on their shelves.

With a little patience, you may find the right color on sale. However, you could consider an accent wall with a bold color or even wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpaper is a great choice if you decide to pursue this fun avenue. It’s easily removable, which is an added benefit in case you rent your space or want to sell it in the future with ease.


Never underestimate the power of some beautiful greenery. If you have little ones in your salon regularly, keep in mind that some plants can be toxic if eaten. Do some research to ensure that all your clients are safe. If you have a history of plant care struggles, you may want to consider faux plants. This will take the burden off plant care amidst a busy schedule.

If you prefer real plants, be on the safe side and consider placing greenery on shelves. This will ensure safety and make the room look less cluttered. You want to avoid having items cluttering your floor.

However, if you have the space, consider buying a large tree to fill an empty corner. It will make your space feel fresh, trendy, and peaceful.


Update your artwork to make your space trendier. Keep in mind that artwork placement and size can be just as important as the artwork itself. You can attend local flea markets and thrift stores if you’re on a budget. However, remember that you can always change the frames.

As always, try to stick to the theme of the rest of your salon. If you have resources, investigate artwork that can hide your salon’s beauty supplies. There are frames on the market that also have hidden shelving inside of them. You pull the frame open, and there’s some smaller shelving inside. You may have seen these commonly used for jewelry. However, these could be a great option if you want to hide smaller supplies, like nail polish, while you display artwork.

Use these three simple ways to create a trendy salon and spa and enjoy a new atmosphere in your workplace. Your client’s experience will improve, and you may see your books get a little busier. A trendy salon and spa will add to the self-care experience that your clients are searching for.

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