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7 Things You Will Need Onsite for Your Business

7 Things You Will Need Onsite for Your Business

While every business has different office layouts and decors, there are some key items that no commercial enterprise can function without. These onsite items are often taken for granted, but their utility is unquestionable. To help first-time business owners and team leaders create a productive and efficient work environment, here are 7 items that you’ll need to have onsite.

All-in-One Document Processor

Having a separate printer, scanner, and copy machine means more space consumed by these behemoth items. That also means separate mechanical issues that need to be individually serviced. 

An all-in-one machine that handles all your document processing needs is cost-effective, highly efficient, and a space saver. Your employees can do multiple operations on a single machine, minimizing any potential for human errors.

Backup Servers

Bulky storage bins and filing cabinets are an eyesore and occupy too much space in your workplace. Modern businesses are moving their data to the cloud. This cutting-edge method of data storage and management yields more cost savings and comes as a more secure way to manage data. 

That being said, existing cloud storage solutions are by no means perfect. Cybersecurity threats remain a serious problem, with a whopping 31 percent of businesses reportedly attacked by hackers and their malware in 2017. Having backup servers for your data can give you a fallback plan in case your main storage solution becomes corrupted.

Industrial-Grade HVAC System

Creating the perfect work atmosphere that’s conducive for productivity, creativity, and collaboration requires comfortable temperatures. A well-designed HVAC system can help lower your electricity bills, improve indoor air quality, and allow you to remote access the machine from the comforts of your office. 

As a pro tip, have a contractor on hand in case your HVAC system’s chiller needs repair or replacement.A quick Google search like, “commercial chiller maintenance Lehigh Valley” will help you narrow down the best for you in your location. 

Work Desks

Modern work desks are no longer the boring slabs of wood that businesses of the past were limited to. Nowadays, work desks come in varied shapes, sizes, materials, and even hidden contraptions and storage spaces. 

Giving your employees a suitably sized work desk can increase their productivity, reduce work-related stress, and boost employee satisfaction.

Security Systems

Top-of-the-line security systems are a worthwhile investment for any business. If your site layout has multiple entries and exit ways, you’ll want a camera recording 24/7. Having a security system lowers your business insurance premiums, protects your business’ assets including employees and intellectual properties and gives your employees a sense of security. This can be especially useful for businesses that are situated in high-crime locations.

Coffee Machine

A coffee machine in the office may sound like a movie cliche, but this one staple kitchen or breakroom apparatus can increase your employees’ mood, productivity, and focus. Today’s coffee machines work relatively faster than their older siblings. Most models are also low-maintenance, cost-effective, and user-friendly. If your business has a lounge area for visitors, consider putting a coffee maker in there too.


Outsourcing is becoming as commonplace of a strategy as hiring employees to work onsite. But having the right people onsite can improve your business’ workflow and ensure operations run smoothly at all times. Outsource low-impact, redundant tasks but have professionals on-site to worry about the high-priority processes, such as lead generation and marketing campaigns. If you work as an auto retailer, for example, you will want someone onsite for maintenance. 

Every business will benefit from having these seven items in the workplace. If you’re looking for more ideas on what to invest in next, consult your employees, the ground troops who work in the environment for 40 hours a week. Asking your employees for suggestions not only lets you invest in the right workplace items but also helps strengthen your relationship with them.

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