7 Things You Need in Your Company Break Room

If there is one place in your company’s office that employees collectively enjoy going to, it’s the break room. The space provides them with an escape from the pressures and stress of day-to-day workloads, the watchful eyes of their superiors, the office drama, and so on. 

But to be an effective safe haven for your employees, every break room must have some essential items. Here are seven things you should invest in for your company break room that can improve its utility or aesthetic.

Coffee Machine

When it comes to break room appliance cliches, coffee machines are at the top of the list. Thanks to pop culture shows and movies, coffee machines have become a break room icon, and for good reason. It’s a simple appliance that’s easy to use and can bring wonders to your staff’s mood and productivity

A cup of coffee has been shown to improve the drinker’s energy levels, increase reaction times, and overall cognitive functioning, and can even burn calories, a plus for employees who are watching their weight. If you’re interested you can check out the health benefits of coffee on trustedcoffeereviews.co.uk.

Comfortable Seats

It’s not a break room if people can’t take a break in it, and people can’t take breaks without any comfortable seating. Tables and chairs are the staples of any break room. It’s where they eat their lunch or gather to chat about work or personal stuff. 

Plastic tables and chairs are often the material of choice for break rooms as they are more durable and easier to clean and maintain over time. Spice up these furniture pieces with a luxury rug to bring some style and warmth to the area.


The artwork is often overlooked when designing office spaces, but abstract art and wall paintings can actually incite different emotions amongst its viewers. Artwork can inspire creative thinking, make for interesting conversation pieces, and create a positive and relaxing environment. 

You don’t even have to pay a ton of money to decorate your break room with artwork. You can ask your artistic employees to draw or paint something and then hang those up.

Microwave Oven

Another staple in any office break room is a microwave oven. Most employees bring lunch to work in Tupperware. Come lunchtime, they simply yank it out of the fridge and stick it in the oven. 

Without a microwave oven or a decent one at that, your employees won’t be able to get their hot food. Installing your office break room with a microwave oven is also a more cost-effective alternative to supplying your employees with free meals every day.

Arcade Games

Silicon Valley companies, like Google, already have their own game rooms that are outfitted with all sorts of retro arcade classics and tabletop games. Needless to say, their employees enjoy the work perk. Even for businesses with significantly lower capital, arcade games are a financially viable addition to your break room. 

Entertainment rentals are a cost-effective way of bringing games into the workplace, whether it’s Pac Man or a ping pong table.

Healthy Snack Bar

Hunger can severely affect your employees’ focus, creativity, mood, and overall performance. Stock your break room with healthy snacks, such as fruits, a snack subscription box from Tokyo Treats, ready-to-eat veggie sticks, nuts, protein bars, and granola. 

Also, there is a vending machine available that stocks healthy food options, which is perfect for a workplace snack. You should also take into consideration people with special dietary needs when stocking up your break room’s food supplies. For instance, some employees may be allergic to dairy, in which case you’d want to provide alternatives, such as soy or almond milk.

Drinking-Water Fountain

Dehydration can also impact your employee’s creativity and focus as much as hunger can. Installing a drinking water fountain in your office’s break room helps ensure they get enough water at work. 

Many of today’s drinking water fountains that you can buy and ship online have built-in filtration systems, which yield better-tasting water. The filter also strips most impurities, such as chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Final Thoughts

Your company’s break room may not be where tasks and processes are completed or where teams brainstorm innovative ideas, but this ordinary space has a powerful impact to your workforce’s productivity and results. Investing in a cozy and well-equipped break room not only increases productivity but also creates a happy and satisfied workforce.

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