7 Things to Consider Before Bringing a New Pet Home

Do you think you’re ready for your first pet? Or maybe you want to add another pet to your household. Whichever it is, are you sure you’re ready? To prepare for the adoption, here are a few things to keep in mind before the act: 

Are you ready for the commitment?

First things first, it’s important to treat a new pet not as an accessory, but as a living being with needs and wants—do you have time and motivation to honor them? Do you have time for daily exercising and brushing of cats and dogs? If not, maybe get a goldfish or a hamster which still teaches responsibility but requires less attention. 

Can you afford it? 

Pets can cost a lot of money. Even though the love they provide is unconditional and immeasurable by money, it’s just a fact that you need to spend significant money on a pet. Depending on their size and activity levels, pets need proper food, vitamins, veterinary care, accessories, toys, clothing and many other things, all of which cost money. Of course, you don’t have to opt for the most expensive things, but having a pet is still an expense that might be hard to take in case you live on a shoestring budget. 

Do you have access to good veterinarian care? 

If you want your dog to be healthy, they need regular vet exams, shots and pest protection. So do you have good vets in your area that specialize in dogs and have all the necessary equipment for proper treatment? If not, how can you react in emergencies and can you call someone with the knowledge to help you and your pup? 

Consider spaying and neutering

All experts recommend cats and dogs be castrated and spayed as early as possible. How do you feel about this procedure? To reduce the population of abandoned animals and well as ensure better health for your pets, it’s smart to perform neutering. And don’t worry, the animal won’t lose their sense of gender or miss out on any milestones—they don’t perceive mating, birth and parenting like us. If you choose not to go through it, can you keep your pets safe from unwanted pregnancy and fertility-related issues? 

Make your home safe and welcoming

It’s necessary to provide your new pet with all the items they need for a healthy and happy life. It’s crucial to start with a collar with a pet id tag that will hold all your information in case your new pet decides to go exploring without you. These tags are easy to spot and scan and your pet will be returned to you in no time. Next, make your house welcoming and safe by installing gates to forbidden areas, locking up toxic things and making your yard safe for animals. 

Get ready for the adjustment period

Both you and your new pet will require some time to get used to a new situation, especially if you’re adopting a puppy. Prepare for a lot of crying, accidents on the carpet (learn how to clean them here) and mischief during the first few nights, i.e. months. To make your pet feel comfortable and safe in their new home, set up a safe, quiet and comfortable place where they can relax—preferably a kennel, cage or some sort of house. This will be their own space where they can be secure from any danger. Also, during the day, let the pet wander around, explore and smell the house and backyard. This period is crucial and if you do everything right, you can expect to have a calm and well-adjusted animal. 

Book a trainer 

No matter how old your new pet is, they need to practice their old tricks and learn new behaviors. Pets of all species need training when it comes to behavior, habits and limits. Cats and dogs need to learn where to go potty, where to sleep, what to play with and how to approach other animals. Begin your training on the first day, and if you don’t have any experience, book a few lessons with a professional trainer. This way, you’ll learn proper techniques for correcting bad and rewarding good behavior. A well-trained pet is a happy and safe pet because they get to see and experience many new things and stay safe from various dangers. 

If you reexamine your lifestyle and figure out there’s space for a pet in your life, go through the rest of the list of requirements. Keep these things in mind and soon you and your new pet will be best of friends! 

Eve Anderson is a marketing specialist turned blogger. Interested in sports and exciting travel destinations. Love to share content that can inform people.

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