These Simple Search Engine Optimization Hacks

Ready to explode your online business with a steady flow of organic traffic?

Escape the guesswork with these horribly easy SEO hacks that have been tested to work over again. Meanwhile, if you’d rather opt for a paid SEO service, check out this stellar professional search engine optimization company in Knoxville.

Still here? Let’s get started.

Perform Keyword Research

No, I don’t mean bouncing keywords off of your competitor’s best pages. Powerful keyword research tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush are a great start. They will not only reveal whatever keywords your competitors are ranking for but also help you to tap into high potential keywords. By high potential, I mean keywords with high CPC and low ranking difficulty. And suppose you can’t spare the $7 Ahref subscription, free keyword research tools like Ubersuggest and Keywordseverywhere are some great options.

Generate Most-discussed Topics On Social Platforms

You’re not only targeting Google surfers. Most of your audience spend most of their days taking sides on heated debates on social platforms like Reddit, Instagram, Quora, and LinkedIn. By writing on the topics that interest them, you can drive more organic traffic to your website without paying Google for another advertisement. Just do a quick search on those platforms to see the topics of similar discussions to your next posts.

Write For Engagement

Have you ever read a 500words short write-up and it felt like you have gone through hell and back at the end? If you’ve been boring your audience to tears with plain Jane kind-of articles, you need to get engaging. Instead of writing like you’re talking at a class of 20 or so, be more personal and write to your audience on a personal level. Whenever you’re creating your content, have a specific individual at the back of your mind, and make your write-up a discussion with them. Use the first-person voice and use more I’s, Me’s, and You’s. But while writing in a fun way, avoid fluffs that can make your writeup unnecessarily long.

Use Visuals

According to studies, surfers watch more videos than they read online written content. Not only for entertainment purposes but videos are a perfect and more illustrative way to guide your audience through whatever problem your post is meant to solve. (Spoilers; I left my favorite blog watching a how-to video before pulling off with this write-up}. Other than videos, memes and eye-grabby images work too.

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