The Unique YouTube Views Strategy that Clash of Clans uses to dominate on YouTube

Unique YouTube Views Strategy that Clash of Clans uses to dominate on YouTube

Clash of Clans is becoming one of the most successful mobile games around. They got it right by first making a highly playable game, that’s a secret for a different article on a different site. I’m going to focus on their most recent campaign which has seen their video “Clash of Clans: Traps (Official TV Commercial)” become the most viewed ‘ad’ of January 2016. I’m going look at their video marketing strategy, their user-generated content, and their social media tactics so that you can apply them to your own video marketing efforts.

Clash of Clans: Their YouTube views strategy

To help you get a fuller understanding of what I’ll be discussing, here is the video in question:

First, any role that you put Christoph Waltz in, he will slay. But the truly unique thing which they have done here, which I haven’t seen done by a game company in this manner, is taking a cue from ‘Let’s Play’ gamers and show the game being played. Let’s Play gamers, like PewDiePie, are HUGE on YouTube. Pewds alone is the most subscribed YouTuber of all time.

Clash of Clans borrowed from the idea of simply showing their game being played as entertainment and rode it to 18 million views in a month. This was a pretty extraordinary moment in their games history, but it still goes to show that ‘Let’s Play’ style videos.

Where the story for this video came from

How they got their hands on this footage is a piece of pure user-generated content marketing genius. They set up a website called Clash Achievery where users are encouraged to share their gaming stories.

They have given themselves a nearly limitless source of content for all of their online marketing. They can pluck stories out of here, turn them into videos, and never really have to spend too much time brainstorming their content. Their fans are giving it to them.

User-generated content must start factoring into not only your goal of getting more engagement by buying YouTube likes and views, but with all of your online marketing. If you’re not sure where to start, create a website and ask your fans to send you ideas.

Clash of Clans’ social media marketing strategy

The social media strategy behind these two videos is lacking in anything special. They simply shared the video once on Twitter to average retweet numbers for them:

They shared it once on Facebook to shares that were around double their average amount, plus an additional 481,000 Facebook video views. They didn’t use any associated hashtag strategy, despite the fact they use #ClashAcheivery right on their website which you saw above (go ahead and look, bottom right of screen). This is disappointing as I feel that they have a perfect opportunity to link other ‘Clash Achievery’ videos together. It will give fans a chance to learn incredible strategies all at once with a click of a hashtag, rather than scrolling through the history looking for them.

What you can learn from the Clash of Clans YouTube views strategy

What you can learn from all of this is that your fans, followers, and Facebook friends are going to be your core source for everything.

  • Tell you the incredible things that they are doing with your products.
  • Be interested in what other people are doing with your products so that they can do it too.
  • Engage with you on social media when you constantly acknowledge them.

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