The Ultimate Guide To Product Photography For E-Commerce

Doing product photography correctly can give you 5x more sales to your eCommerce business. Learning product photography rules for capturing product photos that convert customers is best. Today I will show you the ultimate guide to product photography for e-commerce. So let’s get in.

First, you must learn how to set up a studio to shoot photographs. Second, set up lighting and camera tripod. Configure the camera settings. Afterward, capture product photos and send them to post-production. Editing your product photos is the hidden trick to getting more sales. More on it is below.

What Is Product Photography?

Product photography is a marketing strategy involving high-quality images of a product. Product photography allows showcasing the product and its very accurate details such as physical characteristics, color, texture, shape size, etc. It is also able to highlight the product’s key features and benefits. 

This technique is used in various forms of advertisement, such as e-commerce websites, catalogs, social media, and more. Product photography aims to generate more sales, build brands, get a business identity, and promote. 

Why Is eCommerce Product Photography Crucial?

Product photography is crucial because it plays a vital role in influencing a person’s mind in purchase decisions. Human brains are specially designed to accept pictures more than text information. In e-commerce, customers rely heavily on the product image to make purchase decisions. As it gives a customer full and accurate information about a product, they can know and build trust since they are not physically interacting.

A good and presentable photograph can create a strong first impression and demonstrate its value. Customers’ trust and satisfaction can play a huge part in establishing a brand in this competitive world. Thus it can generate more sales, reduce product return and increase fame, which is why services like product photo retouching are also crucial to improve the product photo.

Product Photography Guide

Product photography sounds easy, but it’s not a cup of the tree. A good photograph requires many things, such as setup, lighting, skillful photography, and more. Let’s go through some of the Master guidelines for product photography.

1. Setup Your Studio

Studio is a crucial factor for product photography. A photography studio is a space designed especially for shooting or taking pictures. It refers to a certain environment controlled with professional lighting, backdrop, camera, and other essential things. You can make a studio in the office or rent one. 

For product photography, you have to choose between small and medium spaces, which would be enough to accommodate all that stuff. The room should allow natural sources to control the lighting. Thus the room also should be clean. 

2. Setup Your Table

The table plays a vital role in product photography as the product will be on the table. Setting up a table is a must for shooting. It is mandatory for food products, cosmetics, and jewelry. But you can skip this in garments. 

You can choose any table for this, but it will be best to choose any black or neutral color to blend with the product easily. First, set the table in front of the camera and lighting. Use any clothes or matt if you can’t manage any neutral color table. The clothing’s color should match the product.  

3. Setup Lighting And Background 

Lighting is the most crucial part of getting the desired picture. It is one of the important components that can greatly impact the quality and texture of a photograph. Choosing the right lighting can balance the image, reduce harsh shadow, highlights the main subject, and make the image more informative. A good lighting set requires several factors. 

The first thing you should consider is a three-point lighting setup: the key, fill, and backlight. These three points will balance the environment. Softbox lighting can create a soft and diffused light which allows for the reduction of harsh shadow. You can also use natural lighting if you can bear costly lights. The setup eventually depends on the product’s size, shape, and color. 

4. Start Capturing Product Photos

In this step, start capturing the pictures. This step is mandatory, but no need to worry that much. You only have to click some clear images at a good angle. You must learn how to take product photos correctly to get the best result.

You will need a camera, a tripod, and a camera person. You will not need a cameraperson if you are an expert in clicking pictures. First, set the camera on a tripod. It will help your camera to steady and prevent you from getting blurry images. Keep changing the camera setting and angles to capture different levels of detail. Adjustment and experimentation are needed.  

5. Edit Your Photos

Now, it’s time for editing. It is an essential part of product photography as it helps to refine and enhance images to make them look their best. A high-quality image influences a customer’s purchase decision and drives more sales. 

You can hire a professional editor or do it yourself using editing software such as Photoshop. After taking the picture, you must remove the background and balance the color, exposure, contrast, blemishes, and more. 

The editing includes cropping, adjusting, sharpness, color, and many related things. These things will remove all the impurities of a picture and make a high-quality product image. 


Let’s wrap up the ultimate guide to product photography for e-commerce. Go through it multiple times and try to learn it quickly.

Pictures have become a marketing language worldwide. Through product photography, you can achieve many sales, build a brand, promote products, and have endless benefits. You can either hire any service provider for the best results. 


How To Do Product Photography For E-commerce?

Product photography for e-commerce considers various factors. You will need essential equipment, a room, lighting setup, set the scene, and focus on image and editing. By following these steps, you can best showcase your product to customers and give clear information to them. 

What Is The Ultimate Goal Of Product Photography?

The ultimate goal of product photography is to showcase a product in the best possible way to attract customers and drive more sales. A good and presentable picture gives the customer a clear view and details, which helps them know about the product and build trust in the brand.

What Is E-Commerce Product Photography?

It is a process of creating high-quality images of products for online platforms and sites. It presents the effect on that platform so a customer can easily know and learn about the product without seeing them physically. It allows them to buy products from home. 

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