The Secrets of Australian Women’s Beauty Rituals

There’s just something effortlessly charming about the beauty of Australian women. They have this uncomplicated approach to beauty that always makes them look absolutely radiant and lovely. Aussie ladies are well known for their low-maintenance beauty rituals and natural formulas. However, they put a lot of thought and subtle care into it. Here are their heir low-key beauty secrets.

Daily sun protection

This might be obvious but it’s still important enough to warrant first place on the list. Australia’s climate can be brutal. The sun is harsh, and desert air dries out the delicate skin of the face. That’s why every Australian woman makes proper protection an essential part of her beauty routine. Quality sunscreen with an appropriate protective factor saves you worlds of problems.

Skin cancer is obviously the scariest concern, especially for ladies who have exposed moles or other sensitive spots. Additionally, damage from the sun’s rays can exacerbate wrinkles, or make them appear too soon. It can also provoke the appearance of dark blotches on the skin.

sun protection

All in all, if you live in a hot sunny place, follow these ladies’ example and work sunscreen into your beauty habits. Choose a broad spectrum product and make sure it has an SPF of at least 30. Apply it every day. Don’t forget to use it in winter, too! It might not be hot, but the sun reflecting off of the snow and ice can be more intense on your skin than the “regular” rays of summertime.

Natural skincare

Healthy skin and a clear complexion are something we all strive to achieve. Australian women have the right idea of how to get there. While they do still indulge in various beauty treatments and skincare products, natural ones are definitely the top favourites.

There’s a lot of love for probiotic skincare in Australia, as well as for skin-friendly oils. Tea tree and jojoba oil are the most popular. These treatments help with a whole host of skin issues, including acne, wrinkles, and dryness.

natural skincare

Thanks to these quality care products, Australian ladies enjoy clean, hydrated, soft, radiant, and strong skin on their faces. There are no clogged pores and annoying breakouts.

A quality sleeping mask

Everybody needs their beauty sleep! One of the incredibly significant part of the Aussie beauty rituals is sleeping under a mask. These women know what’s best for their eyes, so they invest in quality materials, like silk, and find just the right make and size.

The masks themselves are a comfortable bedtime accessory that you can wear throughout the night without issue. Find one that perfectly fits your face so that no light can get through and interrupt your rest. Getting quality, uninterrupted sleep can work wonders for your beauty and wellbeing.

sleep mask

Moreover, those masks that are made of silk or satin are notably beneficial to your skin and hair. Silk is famous for helping prevent split ends and frizzy locks. It also helps retain moisture, so the skin of your face doesn’t dry out during the night. That helps it stay supple and soft. You avoid under-eye bags and dark circles and the effects of ageing take much longer to show.

A particular hairstyle

We already mentioned that particular beachy quality that Australian beauty seems to have. Aside from a healthy tan, this is thanks to a particular way of styling their hair. The key is to have it looking messy on purpose, and the best way to achieve that is with some strategic tousling.

The most popular hairstyle for this aesthetic are the loose beach waves. They feature exactly the right amount of subtle messiness that gives off that “just woke up but luckily look pretty in the morning” kind of vibe.

Hair style

To achieve the masterful messines of a beach waves style, all you need is a brush and a curling wand. Make mild curls, pick the intensity of the waves that you like best. Then give them a few targeted strokes to make them look windswept and charmingly disordered. If you don’t like curlers, use some mousse instead. Gently scrunch up your hair while it’s still wet and you get gentle waves that look more natural.

Australian beauty is best described as quick-style and adventurous. Focus on a healthy tan and playful beachy hair. With just these couple of tricks, you can achieve that casual seaside charm too.

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