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The New Innovation in E-Cigarettes: ICOS


Electronic cigarettes have been an alternative way for people who are likely to resort to a less harmful form of smoking tobacco. Recently, there has been another type of option similar to an e-cigarette that was made. It is the ICOS, a pen-shaped typed electronic device that is available at EciGelm. This is the newest nicotine delivery equipment that is made available over the counter. The good thing is, this small gadget has lesser nicotine, as being told. 

Why Is Icos Appealing 

So many people resort to an easy and suitable way to smoke. When vape has introduced, the swarm of smokers is highly uncontrollable. Hence, companies had made another type that might be more appealing than the previous one. This type is unusual. When traditional tobacco needs at least 900 degrees Celsius heat to burn, icos does not promote the burning process. But instead heating the nicotine. 

Icos uses tobacco instead of solvents found in electronic cigarette, but it has a heat-not-burn type of method. The theory that comes with the heat-not-burn process is that it enables smokers to encounter what it feels and looks like smoking a standard cigarette without the effect of actually inhaling the combusted tobacco. The process of heating produces fewer toxins in the body rather than burning one. It promotes an alternative method and might displace the vape types that still refilled liquid reagents when you opt to use it frequently. 

Many online stores now are selling this type of cigarette. It is more appealing to youth with its sleek design and sophistication, similar to some luxury items. It might have a little less concentrated nicotine composition rather than doing the traditional smoking. Some varieties and colors are soliciting to users, and prices are reasonable enough. 

Perks of Icos in the Industry

There are some perks that you might get when you avail this type of cigar. Aside from it is trending today, some are listed as follows:

  1. It comes with a variety of models. Smokers can continuously use this kind of thing without charging or consuming about 10-30 cigarettes every day. Moreover, the duration is long, unlike the traditional ones that are easily be used up. 
  2. This kind of device does not need to be charged continuously to be used. Therefore, you do not need to carry a bulky charging cartridge or a box of the packet in your pocket. This is so convenient that you might want to give it a try. 
  3. With its heat does not burn process, and you can seemingly adjust the heating temperature so that the tobacco will be processed quickly.
  4. You can set the usage time of Icos. Unlike the rechargeable one, this will enable you to have standard usage when you opt to shift to this new alternative. 
  5. Icos are much cheaper than bulky electronic cigarettes. The price is just aligned with the small size and is less expensive than vapes that you need to purchase additional solvents when you want to use them.

Icos type of e-cigarette emits less smoke than traditional ones; this is less harmful to the environment. It emits no carbon monoxide and less the smell of cigarettes, barely known when you have one.

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