The Most Common Pharmaceutical Packaging Mistakes

To master pharmaceutical manufacturing, you’ll need to hone your skills and learn the most common pharmaceutical packaging mistakes to avoid. With the many regulations and rules for compliance, packaging your pharmaceuticals is more strategic than you may think. Many mistakes happen due to human error; read up on these missteps so that you can start your company on the right foot.

Incorrect or Misspelled Labeling

When a pharmaceutical drug begins its process of manufacturing and packaging, it must have a label that patients and customers can easily read and understand. The main concerns are misspelled words, unsuitable font, and incorrect translations. Plus, your company’s packaging should be unique and unlike that of other competitors on the market.

If you market your products to foreign countries, make sure the translations are correct before shipping the medicine. We cannot stress this enough: proofread all labels no matter what to avoid costly recalls and fines. Involve all stakeholders throughout this process to have more eyes looking for errors before you send off the products.

Incorrect Packaging Materials

To increase the efficiency of manufacturing medicinal drugs, you must choose the correct packaging. This also preserves the curative qualities of the product. If you skip this step, the medicine will no longer be usable, and it can cost your company thousands of dollars in Federal Drug Administration (FDA) fines.

Always store the drugs away from heat and moisture, and pack bottles in insulated boxes to regulate the temperature. Boxes and additional materials should be good quality to ensure the products remain in mint condition until they arrive at their destinations.

Inconsistent Packaging Process

One of the most common pharmaceutical packaging mistakes to avoid is not keeping the same processes for all packaging. Products might get labeled incorrectly, and the packages can also lack in design, at the cost of the company’s reputation. Little mistakes such as the wrong shade, artwork, or font can harm your company more than you think. For a better solution, build a compliance and quality control department to look over the process to guarantee the products are being made the same every time, preventing any recalls or fines.

Patients’ safety should always be at forefront when you’re manufacturing pharmaceuticals. Errors in packaging can cause recalls, fines, and hiccups in your company’s regulation requirements from the FDA. Begin your company on the right note for a better experience for all employees and consumers.

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