The Main Pros and Cons of Using a Lockout Kit

If you own or drive a vehicle, it’s likely you’ll lock yourself out of it at some point. It’s advised to have a spare key to resolve this issue, but what do you do if that key isn’t accessible? The alternative means breaking through the window to retrieve the key or phoning a locksmith to perform a car lockout service.

If you’re a vehicle driver who prefers avoiding the cost of a locksmith or damaging your vehicle window, you might be in the market for a car lockout kit. Car lockout kits are sold by automotive stores and are an essential tool for tow truckers or everyday vehicle owners. Explore the main pros and cons of using a lockout kit to decide if it’s the best investment for your driving needs and to minimize a lockout emergency.


1. Time Saver

A car lockout kit saves you from waiting for a locksmith or other roadside assistance to arrive. It’s much easier to keep a lockout kit on hand for retrieving your keys than waiting for a locksmith service.

2. Cost Effective

A car lockout kit is relatively inexpensive and pays for itself with regular use. The cost of a lockout kit for your car is also cheaper than hiring a locksmith or having to pay for repairs on a damaged window.


1. Limited Access

One disadvantage of a car lockout kit is that it won’t work on every vehicle. Car manufacturers now design vehicles with anti-theft mechanisms to prevent criminals from breaking into a car with a lockout kit.

2. Risk of Incorrect Use

If you use a lockout kit incorrectly, you risk damaging your work truck or vehicle. It’s possible to scratch the paint job or permanently damage the locking mechanism of your vehicle.

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before investing in a car lockout kit for your tow truck or personal vehicle. It’s also important to assess the locking mechanism of your vehicle to see if a lockout kit can effectively unlock your vehicle. Determine if the time and cost of hiring a locksmith is worthwhile before investing in an independent plan like a car lockout kit.

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