The Future Has Come – Selection Of Unusual Gadgets For Smart Home

Year after year, more and more houses acquire new-fangled gadgets and become «smart». However, the capabilities of the technology have gone far ahead and the case is no longer limited to video surveillance cameras with motion sensors.


It would be strange to fill the house with gadgets and at the same time not take care of security. Fortunately, progress has come to this. In the list of smart appliances, there are devices that can fix any entrance into the home and enhace home security.

Smart locks and sensors

There are many variants of such equipment. However, the basic functions are very similar. Using Bluetooth, they connect to your smartphone, from which they are then configured and controlled.
The device records the time of your leaving home. If you wish, you can grant access to relatives and friends. In addition, every time someone enters or leaves the apartment, you are notified on the phone.

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The same applies to sensors installed on the window. They also signal when someone opens and closes windows.
Also, these kits may include motion sensors that detect the presence of strangers at a distance of several meters. They interact with the entire security system.

Security cameras

Now security cameras are not only useful but also smart. They are able to interpret the motions, take photos and videos, send notifications to a smartphone, broadcast videos and report important things.

You can install it as one or several devices. Watching the broadcast on the phone with all the cameras at once is of no difficulty now. Some models feature face recognition. Therefore, you will always be aware of who out of your family members are already at home. In addition «seeing» an unfamiliar face, the device will immediately report this.

Keeping comfortable «weather»

Air washer

These devices are just beginning to acquire intelligence, but they already know how to determine the humidity level of a room, change the intensity of moisture.

You can manage them from your smartphone. It produces an installation of the necessary settings and it is possible to monitor the status of the device.

Air cleaner

The air must also be clean. Cleaners, as a rule, are equipped with different modes of operation, a learning system that adapts to your mode. It can also be controlled by a smartphone, in the same place – to monitor the technical condition of the device.

Temperature control device

Temperature control device monitor and set the desired temperature in the room, adapt to your daily routine, study your preferred temperature and remember it. You can manage it on your smartphone.

There are models equipped with distant «vision». They understand that a person is approaching them and automatically turn on the screen where all the necessary indicators are displayed.

In general, both an air washer, an air cleaner, and a thermometer control device can be connected to one intelligent control system, which monitors the condition of the room, turns these devices on and off if necessary.

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At a sharp spike of temperature or humidity, the system will immediately respond and send a notification to the smartphone.

Home Helpers


The lighting, perhaps, was the first to be equipped with smart features. Now you can control the chandeliers, lamps and table lamps with a wave of the hand. Well, or with an application on the smartphone.

You can adjust the color of the glow and its intensity set a specific time on and off or response to the movement or opening of doors. In addition, smart lamps can independently adjust the shade of light depending on the time of day.

You can select specific scenarios for desk lamps: «reading», «working at the computer», «watching a movie», etc.

Some screw-in lamps have not only the functions listed above, but can work for several hours even the electricity in the house is turned off.

A kettle

Even kettles, which are controlled by the telephone, have acquired intelligence. In real time, you can see how the water temperature changes during boiling. It is also possible to set the desired degree, which the kettle will maintain for a set time.
However, of course, you can use the kettle in the usual push-button way.

A vacuum cleaner

The robotic vacuum cleaner has a wide range of functions and is able to do the cleaning without you at all. When it is turned on for the first time, it builds a virtual map of all the premises, marks inaccessible places, and then moves along the compiled route.

In the settings, you can set a specific cleaning time. The vacuum cleaner can overcome low sills and carpets. In addition, with a low battery charge, it can be charged by itself.

Smart management

It is not enough to install smart devices; you need to also manage them. Many manufacturers offer control panels or individual applications, giving the opportunity to combine all the gadgets.

All actions can be performed using a smartphone. It also allows the entire smart home system to understand when you are gone or returned. So, turn off some devices and turn on the other. For example, air purification is not needed when you are not at home, but a working security system will be very useful.

Separate devices are used for control. For example, a cube, rotating which can be turned on, off and adjust modes in various devices. Alternatively, a ring, putting on which, it is possible to control almost all devices of the smart house.

In addition to these devices, there are also smart bins, mops, and even petubes, which will allow you to keep track of pets left alone and play with them.

A smart home is a concept that has recently been used to designate a system for managing security and comfort in a building. Structurally, this system consists of a set of subsystems of various scale and purpose. As a rule, the fact that the house (apartment, office) will be smart becomes known even at the stage of construction and laying of communications, however, it is possible to introduce the system much later – at any suitable time in the opinion of residents. Naturally, a house endowed with artificial intelligence is a collection of household appliances, various control, and monitoring systems.

Any dwelling can be made smart; it is enough just to resort to the use of specific categories of equipment.

Naturally, the organization of the «smart home» system does not end there, because there are dozens of devices that can make life easier and improve its quality at times.

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