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The First 5 Steps You Should Take To Start Making A Career Change

Start Making A Career Change

You probably know some (older) people who have done one job for their entire lives. Millennials and younger generations think differently and don’t let themselves get stuck in a rut. Instead, they change their jobs once they feel fed up and dissatisfied with their occupation. 

If you are considering doing something else for a living, here is how to start making a career change. 


Starting something new is never easy and no one says it is. So the first question you want to ask yourself is: can I afford to lose my current job. If you are lucky, you will get a new job quickly, but on the condition that you want to do something you already know and you are good at. 

If we are talking about changing your career completely, that requires learning something new. That means you will spend a lot of time learning and not earning. On top of that, if you are planning to start your own business, then it is even harder and you might not earn anything for months. It is not a good idea to rush, but to go steady, think everything through and make a detailed plan. 

Choose what you want to do

Take some time to think about what you could do. Do thorough market research to see what jobs are currently most profitable and which of them don’t require major money investments. 

If you can’t afford to lose your job, it is a good idea to learn something new while still working. For example, take a 2-day microblading classes in NYC and practice in your free time, after work hours, or at the weekends. A career in the beauty industry, especially in permanent makeup, is one of the most lucrative at the moment. 

Explore competition and job vacancies


If you plan to become your own boss and offer services or products your make, you need to check out the competition in your area. Also, if you plan to offer them online, you have to do the same thing. So, see how they do the job you plan to do, how they advertise, where they get their supplies, and why people love them and buy from them.

Join a local Facebook group, if there is one related to your business. You can pick up a lot of tips and later advertise there. If your future career is not limited locally, then you can join any other Facebook group where you will be able to ask questions and later find future clients. 

Take a class

Thanks to the internet, there is a lot of stuff you can learn on your own. However, they require some organization and you might not know where to start. Therefore, it is better to do a course. You have a lot of online courses that are informative, organized, and pretty affordable.

An easier option is to take a live course, with hands-on experience, if possible. Live communication with a teacher and immediate feedback is invaluable, but if you don’t have a chance for that, an online course will do as well. But you will have to work a lot on your own to become good. 

Get some experience

You probably know that job ads are usually looking for someone with previous experience. It is hard when you are new at something when there are so many people applying for a position and they already have experience. 

What you need to do is try volunteering to build up your resume. If, on the other hand, you are self-employed, you also need a portfolio. Ask your friends and relatives to be your first customers, so you can improve your skills. For example, if you want to become a hairdresser, they can be your models. If you make your own clothes, ask them to wear and promote them.


If you feel it is time to change your career, go for it. Plan your strategy carefully and never regret the decision you made. When it is hard, remember why you decided to quit your previous job and just look forward. 

Taylor Parker is an American based writer and blogger. She is very passionate about family, fashion, health, and lifestyle. Taylor writes mostly lifestyle articles, but also you’ll find her in home improvement and other niches.


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