The ever-growing tourism business in Canada

In 2019 there were around 22.1 million visitors from countries like Canada, according to Statistics Canada. The main reason for that is the friendly environment of the country and the Canada visa requirements have been made just too simple for the travelers. The Canadian government visa policies are in favor of the applicant to grow the tourism industry in the country. Canada is a beautiful country having everything: the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic and the pacific ocean and the cold weather condition of the arctic, there is everything for everyone. 

The Country has the World’s largest Fall, the Great Niagara Falls, it is around the 500 m long Fall, and is famous due to its magical and mystical beauty around the world. The country is one of the cleanest places in the world. People are friendly and there is a great diversity of culture in the country, this is the main reason Canada visitor visa is hot pursuit.

 People are traveling to this country to enjoy their holiday and to see the most amazing beauty of the island around the arctic ocean. If you have any thrust to see the ice-capped mountain then the northern part of Canada is full of such ice-capped mountains. There are large Skiing resorts and the whole palace is full of hustle and bustle.

In this article, we are highlighting the fact the Canadian economy’s connection with the tourism industry:

The Canadian economy and tourism industry:

 In the Canadian economy tourism plays an important role, the revenues in the tourism industry were crossing a staggering figure of $ 104.9 billion in 2019 only. The figure is always going upwards, the main reason for that is the supportive government policies for the tourism industry. The tourism industry is approximately generating 1 out of 10 jobs in Canada and contributing a heavy amount of around $ 43.5 billion in Gross Domestic Production(GDP). Due to these facts, the Canada visa is easy to get for tourists around the world, as the government finds it more than suitable for the country’s economy.

Canada visitor visa is issued for 5 years time, which quite amazing for the visitors, as they can visit the country as many times as they require according to their requirements, given their passport remain valid for this time period. If the passport is expired then you need to get a new passport and then reapply for a brand new Canada visa. This is actually necessary as your Canadian visa is issued against your passport number, if your visa is expired, your Canada tourist visa also would be expired and you need to get first the passport then the Canada visa. This is simply the Canada visa requirements, and the applicant has to follow the same procedure.


The Country is the number one destination for tourists around the world, as the Canada visa requirements are just too easy to fulfill for the visitors to see this amazing country on the face of the earth.

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