The easiest way to open an account with a Portuguese bank on your own

Obtaining a resident card, EU citizenship, NIF, and NHR Portugal implies the obligatory opening of a local bank account in your name, or in the details of a newly registered company owned by a businessman. Our team will help you quickly open a bank account in Portugal, place funds on deposit, eliminate all bureaucratic difficulties for the candidate, and also provide him with a stable income.

We are long-term counterparties of many reliable commercial banks in Portugal, which guarantees the safety of your funds, as well as the absence of misunderstanding between employees of a credit institution and a new depositor due to the difference in languages ​​or laws of the two countries.

To open an account in any commercial bank in Portugal, just follow the link on the page of our official website, then fill in all the columns of the interactive form that opens in a new window, and we will be ready to provide you with the service as soon as possible.

We do not just open an account for you, or for the details of your legal entity, we will also help you insist on all the boundless options, from SMS alerts to a full-fledged mobile banking system.

In case you have already used our services for E-residence, our database contains your details and we will send you your new account number in Portugal to your e-mail address.

The easiest way to open an account with a Portuguese bank on your own

Often, investors prefer to hide their personal data from strangers, and therefore, not every candidate turns to us for help in opening an account. In this regard, below is a detailed instruction on how to independently open an account in a commercial bank in Portugal, with a description of all the nuances and subtleties of the procedure:

  • On a smartphone or other mobile device, the application of the Portuguese bank of interest is downloaded.
  • After downloading, the application must be launched into work through the icon on the main screen.
  • To enter the system, you will need to register and verify your account, after which, the system with a personal account opens when you enter a new login and password.
  • As a rule, in banks in Portugal, new accounts are blocked for some time, as they require user activation.
  • If the account is not unblocked for a long time, the customer service employee will definitely call back and explain the current situation.

Most often, unlocking an empty, newly registered and the verified number is carried out automatically, with the initial replenishment of the deposit for any amount, starting from 1 euro.

Two available options for opening a new account per user – a resident of Portugal

When a potential client contacts our company, we offer him two available types of services for opening a bank account in Portugal, each of which has the same legal force, and the final choice takes into account only the interests of the consumer himself:

1.  Remote opening of a bank account online:

  • To receive the service, the customer does not need to move away from a computer or mobile device with access to a stable Internet.
  • All plastic cards ordered by the customer will be immediately sent by post to anywhere in the world, immediately upon completion of their registration and production.
  • The process of opening an account and issuing plastic cards takes no more than 1 month, taking into account the consideration of all documents of the customer.
  • The cost of the service is 300 euros; the invoice can be paid in any way available to you by bank transfer.

2.  Personal presence of the customer when opening a bank account:

  • Our employee will personally accompany you to the branch of your chosen bank.
  • We help with the execution of all regulatory documents required by the bank to open an account.
  • The account will be registered and opened in your name within 3-4 business days.
  • The total cost of services, as in the previous version, is 300 euros, but the customer can pay them even in cash.

We guarantee the opening of an account in the best banks in the country, our lawyers have extensive experience, due to which any errors are excluded, and you will definitely be satisfied with the result.

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