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The Best SEO Tools of 2020

The Best SEO Tools of 2020

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps any industry grow by making your business visible in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, and the like. Google, as the leading and most visited website, can provide many opportunities for your online store to convert into sales.

What is SEO and How does it work?

SEO professionals need tools to improve ways on how to effectively boost your Search Rankings. Aside from making sure that you keep ahead of the Google Algorithm updates, you also need to keep abreast of the latest SEO tools available. We’ve compiled a list of the top SEO tools in the market today. Among them are the following:

Google SEO Tools

  • Bing Webmaster Tool – don’t get confused for it is also Google Search Console but for Bing. It looks at organic search, keywords, and data straight from Bing
  • Google Search Console – this is the best SEO tool to use because the data is accurate and coming from Google directly. 
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test – A change in the algorithm was recently made by Google (“Mobile-First Indexing”). Made basically for mobile devices, it means site optimization for mobile devices is a must. You can run your site on the Mobile-Friendly Test tool, and instantly it gets optimized.

Keyword Tools

  • CanIRank – is a free SEO tool that checks keyword difficulty. It provides insights on whether you can rank your keyword or not and give suggestions on how to rank for a particular term.
  • Keys4Up – creates “lateral” keyword ideas using ‘proprietary rights’.
  • Wordtracker Scout – The best feature is its ‘Opportunity’ wherein when you tick on a keyword, the most common terms appear.
  • SEMRush – this is an SEO tool with a lot of functionality. You can basically type in a keyword and it can automatically provide you similar search results, as well as other keyword suggestions.
  • Ahrefs – Similar to Semrush, Ahrefs is the leading SEO tool in the market today. It gives you keyword suggestions, as well as check the backlinks of your site and that of your competitors.
  • UBERsuggest – To use this, all you need to do is type in the keywords that you want to rank and the tool will immediately give you detailed data on keyword difficulty, monthly search volume, and more. A list of suggested keywords comes in handy and based on the keyword you typed in.
  • Lipperhey – Worry no more, getting a list of keywords on specific traffic of long-tail keywords is free of charge.
  • Seed Keywords – this keyword research tools do the following:
  1. Compose and enter the keyword in the search bar
  2. Find the list of related keyword terms
  3. Among its uses, the seed keyword tool can also be used to check the same seed keywords typed in the tool
  4. “Submit Query” can be used to rapidly scan the search results and see the competitiveness of the keywords
  • KW Finder – the best and easy to use research tool, but the catch? Taking into consideration the LPS, for you need dangerous link building to rank for a single keyword.

Onpage and Offpage Optimization Tools

  • Wooranks SEO and Website Analysis Tool is a convenient Chrome extension. It is a tool that will show how to improve the site’s on and off the SEO page.
  • Animalz Revive – means update and upgrade. The tool finds older content on the needed website and then upgrades it or vice versa.
  • SEObility – SOEbility data is for free. This tool scrapes the whole site and provides users with SEO factors like:
  • Nightwatch: Nightwatch tracking tool that helps you understand the performance of your SEO efforts by displaying all the needed metrics in one customizable dashboard. 
  1. Pages loading slowly
  2. Blocked pages
  3. Problems with Sitemaps
  4. Issues technically related to SEO
  5. And many more
  • Browseo – best on the title and description tag (SEO friendly or too long), even optimizing the title and description for more organic clicks.
  • – Sees through a detailed curated list, sizing up the biggest competitors in the market. The Best feature of Detailed is the “Mentions”, which lets you see who opened and liked your competition.
  • SERPerator – an excellent tool that compares devices and lets one see how results look like side by side, on two different methods. 
  • Screaming Frog – Google hates duplicate content. This tool crawls site using a Google-like crawler to reproduce report on issues like HTTP header errors, javascript rendering issues, and bloated HTML and other crawl errors
  • Yoast WordPress Plugin – 100% free to install, this is the most popular SEO plugin. It features the best XML sitemap generator as well.
  • Panguin Tool – guards on the ranking drop for this correlates search traffic with Google updates. Switches On and Off to show Google updates.
  • Dareboost– Talks about Speed and Security, not strictly an SEO tool, but it finds its use when you are ‘cut on time.’
  • Siteliner – The keyword is benchmarking. This SEO tool finds the answer to blocked pages, messed up redirects and broken links, and it can also be compared with other sites loading speed and page size.
  • Varvy SEO Tool – includes mobile-friendliness, missing alt text, HTTPS set up, robots, text analysis, and more.

So next time you open your page, try some of these tools. See and discover a whole new world in Search Engine Optimization.


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