The Best Resistance Band Workouts To Do at Home

Resistance training involves using an opposing force to increase the stress placed on the body for a better workout. A resistance band makes this feat easy to accomplish; the solid elastic band takes more force to stretch, which restricts regular movements and requires more effort. There are numerous exercises to perform with a resistance band to gain the best results.

Bicep Curls

Bicep curls often involve weights, but a resistance band can be just as influential. This workout will strengthen your biceps as the band’s pull makes it harder to bring your hand up and down.

Loop the band around your foot and place the other end in your desired hand. Grip the band tightly so that it doesn’t snap on your foot, and curl your arm toward your shoulder in a straight arc.


For those still looking for the best training style, consider push-ups, a simple exercise for your triceps and chest. This exercise is one of the best resistance band workouts to do at home because it doesn’t involve any other equipment and is convenient enough that you can do it anywhere in the house.

Position your body in a push-up position but wrap the resistance band across your shoulder blades and grip it in both hands. The added pressure will make pushing the body up more difficult.

Fire Hydrant

This exercise is great for the glutes and hamstrings. Put both legs through the band and slide it onto the area above the knees to perform the exercise. Get down on your hands and knees and balance on one knee while the other knee moves outward and up past your elbow.

Jump Squats

The general purpose of squats is to work your thighs and glutes; jump squats take this a step further by working out your calves. Placing the resistance band around your lower thigh will make squatting more difficult, and using that stored energy to jump will burn more calories and improve stamina.

Knee-To-Elbow Crunches

This exercise is a great way to strengthen your lower abs and core. Loop the band around both feet with your legs up and bent horizontally. Place both hands behind your head as you tuck your chin and point your elbows forward.

Pull your knee toward your head and try to touch your elbow to the opposite knee. Alternate between sides and create rhythm while the resistance band consistently makes it harder to pull your legs toward you. This exercise is one of the best resistance band workouts to do at home due to the increased effort necessary to complete the workout.

The use of the resistance band will benefit anyone who decides to incorporate it into their workout routine. There are numerous workouts to try and plenty of muscle to gain from this simple piece of gear.

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