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The Best App Builders to Create Android and iOS Apps Online

Have you ever had a brilliant idea, and wanted to turn it into an app? If so, then you’re getting into a rapidly-growing market. As under Statista data by the end of 2019, there were around 5. 6M apps in the leading app stores.

While there were around 6.8B of mobile users worldwide by the end of 2019 and the number is hiking more. That means mobile apps are not going to lose their popularity.

Hence, whether it’s for your service, product, business, blog, or some other entity or purpose, the app might be a good way for getting new customers or retaining existing ones with better services. 

Therefore app maker software is quite popular these days. There are plenty of options to choose from. But if you are not familiar with mobile development at all this might seem to be complicated what app builder is better for your case.

So, if you have validated your app idea and made a decision on its development it’s to define the tech stack for development. Here we are going to discuss what are the best app-building platforms to choose from that allow you to create and manage your application with minor time investment.

Top Tools for Making Android and iOS Apps Online

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is an app-builder with that you can build mobile applications not having any coding. It offers several templates designed for different industries.

For example, there are ones for dating apps, church apps, restaurant apps, and SMB apps. It makes the process clear and understandable for everyone: you choose the design, add the desired features, and publish. This is the business app-builder that’s a great starting point for many novices. 


This is a drag-and-drop add builder that works for native apps on both iOS and Android, as well as HTML5. Its primary focus, though, remains on progressive web apps, making this perhaps the foremost PWA builder in the market. 

It offers many nice themes, and also advanced features, such as logging in via social profiles, geofencing, chat platform, push notifications, customization, and many plugins. It also includes plenty of app management options. It’s ideal for CMS, audio and podcast features, event listings, user profiling, sharing and comment sections, m-Commerce integrations, and more.


App-building platforms seldom come any better than Mobincube. This is one of the best DIY tools to build an app for people without previous coding experience. Its visual interface is easy to understand and highly interactive. You can create an application with it, such as gym apps, music player apps, or several other varieties.

Best App Builders to Create Android and iOS Apps Online

Verivo & Appery

Verivo AppStudio has joined forces with the bigger Appery custom app-builder. It is considered to be some of the best app-builder software for app development under time constraints. The platform provides a UI configuration tool, an app server, security tools, and many different reporting options. It has a code-free visual studio that incorporates JavaScript and HTML5. It also features automation for user authentication, data sync, integrations with other platforms, and deployment.

Appery is a no-frills, easy app-builder. It offers many additional functions for advanced development. It has back-end services like cloud databases platforms,  REST APIs, and multiple plugins for media, mailing, and various social media platforms. It also works with the latest iOS11 support and frameworks like jQuery, Angular.js, and Bootstrap.


Swiftic is an application builder that works for Android and iOS devices. If your goal is to create an app for your small store or business, then this is a viable option for you. It allows you to create the app on your own with very little deep learning required. With Swiftic, you can easily create innovative applications. Moreover, with this app builder, you can integrate into your app the next features as:

Best App Builders to Create multi platform Apps Online

Bizness Apps

This app-maker app provides you with a bit more advanced features for small and midsized companies. It serves well for marketing agencies, food, and restaurants, or real estate agencies. Some of the features include coupon creation, calendar integration, and schedule, map integration for directions building, loyalty programs, and service reviews.

It also offers an intuitive visual editor and multiple integrations, including 3rd party services. You also get m-Commerce features, music and video players, GPS-based directions and notifications, and a shopping cart setup. 


This online app builder provides various templates from which to choose. It provides you with option to build Android, iOS, or HTML5 apps. There are design patterns for healthcare, entertainment, events, food and restaurants, education, hospitality, governmental industries, and others.

You can develop with the help of your mobile developers a lot of custom functions. The platform provides integration with social media, as well as payment gateways such as PayPal and e-Pay. You get advertisement options via Google AdSense. A 14-day trial is available for those who are interested. If you want to build an app without code, this is going to be one of your better options.  


Shoutem is a no-code app builder that allows you to build cross-platform apps based on React Native. It comes with excellent design, UX, and templates. Its UI toolkit offers over 40 screen wireframes types, over 200 layouts, and over 40 different extensions and features. It also lets you set up a content management system, user authentications, APIs, analytics, and 3rd party integrations. 

 Create Android and iOS Apps Online

Mobile Roadie

You can build your own app with Mobile Roadie, but it is one of the more expensive platforms on the market. Among its famous clients are Disney, TED, and Universal. 

It has many useful design features and templates. There are lots of possibilities for tweaking and adjust, as well as chat features, a music player, and an artist-fan wall. It also includes content geo-targeting, digital commerce, and analytics. 

Apps Builder

Apps Builder is a do-it-yourself platform for mobile application development. It serves as both an iOS and an Android app-maker. With it, you can even create an app suitable for the Chrome Web Store and with a Mobile Site HTML5 version. Its versatility is part of what makes it so popular. 


If you ever wanted to develop a more sophisticated mobile app, like a game, this could be your entry point. GameSalad lets you create games for iOS and Android OS. It has lots of templates and demos for basic game structures. The platform provides loops, variables, and database structures for custom features development.


This mobile app builder would be useful to turn a website and into mobile app. AppMachine is all about automation; it will automate as many processes as possible. If you input a website’s URL, then this tool will scan it and import all that is relevant for a mobile app. Then, you can select a design and a skin, your content building blocks, and use the various developer tools.

App Builders to Create Android and iOS Apps Online


This is one more type of mobile app builder that offers a simple way to create an app: by using Google Docs and Google Forms. You can also use it in conjunction with Microsoft Excel and spreadsheet basics. You’ll need Google Docs and spreadsheet service or an Excel file. Then, you load it to Google Drive, Dropbox, or another cloud storage option and open it via AppSheet. 

Many efficient app builders can work for your business, while others will be a waste of money. It’s true that you can sometimes find a free app builder, but if you do, make sure it has all of the features you need to achieve the desired result. 

If you need a tool to build your mobile app, be sure that you select the right one. Otherwise, you’ll be putting yourself at a disadvantage and delaying your app appearing in the marketplace. Every day your app fails to appear, your competitors are taking your portion of the market share. 

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