The Benefits of Working Remotely

The pandemic brought so much destruction. Over four million people died because of Covid-19. The World Economic Forum reported the loss of $3.7 trillion in labor income.

The government may have lifted domestic travel restrictions. But people are still struggling with their finances. It is not surprising when you are also looking for ways to supplement your income.

You can start things by doing a little research. Or you can continue reading this article. This list enumerates different money-making schemes. You can choose one gig or do several. Here are some ideas:

Sell Real Estate

Let us start with the high-paying gig. The impressive income potential is the reason why most people want to join the real estate industry. Commissions are usually within 2.5-3%.

For example, you sold a property worth $500,000. Once the last document is signed, you walk away with $12,500 – $15,000. Take note that this is only for one transaction.

With the pandemic still raging on, you might want to use a real-estate selling app. Doing it will keep you and your client safe.

Another reason why you should consider being a real estate agent is the flexible schedule. You are your boss, so you create your timetable. This type of profession works well for those who have children.

Ultimately, it is good to see people achieve their dreams. You have that warm, fuzzy feeling when you see young families find that they are forever home. When you help a millennial find that rental property investment, you will also feel their sense of accomplishment.

Sell Photos

If you take pictures as a hobby, you should consider selling the images online. Several apps can help you make money from your hobby. You have several options to choose from.

You can opt for stock photography. These websites are not selling exclusive rights. On the contrary, they allow several buyers to purchase one image, which makes it a very lucrative option.

Another way to make money out of your hobby is to upload your masterpieces to Art Marketplaces. These websites will allow buyers to print your work to decorate their houses. They can print it on their pillows or T-shirts.

You can also advertise on the World Wide Web as a professional photographer. With the government easing up local travel restrictions, you can go to the events. Then you can upload the images for your customers to access.

Freelance Jobs

You can choose from several websites to do some freelance jobs. The most popular are FiverUpwork, and

The first step would be to register on any of these sites. Other than your personal information, you will be asked what your competencies are. You will input how much your rate is. This information will help them find the right job for you.

Before you start working, you are asked to take a test. It will help you find good jobs. The tests that you will be taking are aligned with your competencies. But these sites ask you to take the basic English competency and IQ exams.

When you join these websites, you have to be wary of scams. If a prospective employer requirement payment from you, you must report them to the administrator. You also have to be careful with those who want to communicate outside of the platform.

These websites offer protection for both the employer and the freelancer. It is wise to stay within the platform.

There is another type of freelancing that requires a minute or two for you to finish the task. The job can range from sharing a YouTube video to taking a photo of a famous landmark.


You can also make money by answering assignments. There are websites where both students upload their problematic schoolwork and have tutors answer them. This is a good option for students to make money.

These platforms discourage tutors from writing a thesis. But they ask their subscribers to guide the students on how to make one.

You also have the chance to meet other nationalities if you choose to teach English. Some websites cater to kids of a certain country. But others do not focus on one nationality.

The number of remote workers rose significantly due to Covid-19. This means that you can easily find a job online. This arrangement will give you the ability to earn your living while supervising your kids’ assignments.

The jobs listed in this article offer you the flexibility that traditional 8-5 jobs cannot. But your success heavily relies on your efforts. We wish you the best of luck in your job hunting.

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