The Benefits of Throwing a Company Picnic

Few things compare to the wonderfully classic company picnic when it comes to company-wide events. The reasons for this are simple. They allow you to celebrate your employees uniquely. They facilitate numerous opportunities for staff bonding and a boost in morale.

Plus, they’re especially fantastic if you have pertinent information to share. If you’re still not convinced, take a closer look into the advantages of these picnics and discover why they might be the best option for your next company event.

It’s a Creative Way To Celebrate Your Employees

One of the primary benefits of throwing a company picnic is that it allows you to celebrate your employees creatively. Anyone can have a cake and pizza party in the office. But treating your staff to a day of upscale snacks, beverages, and a host of fun outdoor activities is truly a memorable way to thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Plus, it allows staff members to bring their families along to join in the fun, which can help to accentuate how fully you value them. Just keep in mind that picnics are outdoor events, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re prepared for any nasty weather that may blow through. That way, you can celebrate your employees and all they do for you, rain or shine.

It Allows Your Staff To Bond and Boosts Morale

Company picnics are also an excellent way to facilitate bonding and boost morale among your employees. In fact, these outdoor luncheons provide an ideal opportunity for you to plan exciting activities that might help your staff bond. For instance, you could split your employees into groups. Then, have them play games that require them to communicate information about one another.

You could also plan team-building exercises that encourage trust and teamwork, like three-legged races or touch football. Doing this gives your staff members the opportunity to have fun while getting to know each other better. As a bonus, doing things like this together will boost morale in the office, too. The more comfortable your employees feel around each other, the easier communication will be in a workplace setting. For this reason, we couldn’t leave the chance to boost morale and bond out of this guide on the benefits of throwing a company picnic.

It Gives You an Opportunity To Share Important Information

Of course, company picnics also provide the perfect opportunity for you to share pertinent information or updates with employees in a convenient and digestible way. To illustrate, perhaps someone on staff is retiring soon. Or maybe there’s a seminar that you’d like all your seasoned team members to attend at the end of the month. If so, your picnic is the perfect place to sit everyone down and relay this essential information to them.

Whether you’re sitting everyone down for a 15-minute presentation or handing out calendars to attendees as they leave the festivities, the convenience of sharing information this way is evident. This is especially true when you consider that—at the very least—a large majority of your team will gather in the same vicinity. For these reasons, we highly suggest that you consider hosting a company picnic for your next organization-wide event.

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