The Art of Marketing for Landscape Businesses

Landscaping is a thriving business; the numbers don’t lie. According to a report from IBISWorld, the market size of the landscaping service industry in the United States has grown 2.5 percent annually between 2016 and 2021. The industry’s market size, measured by revenue, is estimated to be worth $105.1 billion in 2021.

These stats are encouraging, especially for people in the landscaping business. If you’re interested in joining the growing number of landscapers, your numbers are good but mind the reality of the competition. There are thousands of landscaping companies serving residential and commercial clients. Old and new businesses must create a strategy to deal with their competitors, ensuring that they are prepared to face their business rivals.

To win potential clients and transform them into loyal customers, you need a marketing plan. It helps to have a clearer picture of your local market, what they want and how you can reach out to them. You must also be familiar with the online platforms they use so you can send your messages there.

Initially, it sounds like a daunting task but with a plan, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a breakdown of how you can market your business.

Identify Your Clients

The first step is to know the people you want to market to. One of the best methods to identify your ideal client is to create a buyer persona.

A buyer persona gives you more insight into your prospective client’s expectations and priorities, how they search for information and the barriers that prevent them from making a purchase. Use the data to create marketing content that resonates well with your prospective clients.

Build Recognition for Your Business

Business recognition, even if it’s limited to a small area, is an important tool in your landscaping company’s marketing plan. Make your potential clients aware of the work you’ve done for other clients. If they see your work while they walk around in an area, they’ll be more familiar with your business, as well as your offered products and services.

Start with a nice logo for your company. Remember that potential clients will see your logo first before your services. If the logo’s design is too plain or not impressive, they will most likely not trust you with their needs.

A creative logo design can also help you make a good first impression. Your logo will project your landscaping accomplishments, as well as establish you as a trusted company. Plus, the logo will keep you in the minds of potential customers.

Market Before the Busy Season

The peak season of landscaping businesses often starts during the spring and continues till fall, depending on where you are. Don’t wait for the season to start, though. If you do, other companies would have marketed ahead of the season, leaving you behind. They’ll win more landscaping contracts by the time you’ve started marketing.

Beat them at their game by reaching out to customers first and contacting them regularly. Use traditional and digital marketing ads to reach out to them. When customers see you regularly, they’ll remember you when they need your services.

Your ads and other visual aids, however, should be worthy of a customer’s attention. Hire quality graphic designers to create attention-grabbing visuals. You can also build a good impression this way.

Start a Landscape Business Blog

Your prospective client has many questions about landscaping. Most of the time, they turn to Google for answers.

With a blog, you can address their questions and increase your chances to be discovered by potential clients. Write valuable content for clients. One of the most sought-after content pieces are educational articles and how-to content that talks about proper landscaping, the right tools and more. These articles won’t just help your readers; they can also help you showcase your knowledge in the industry.

Google’s ranking algorithm can be complex and writing a blog doesn’t guarantee you the top spot on the search results. But it’s important to still establish yourself as an authority in the industry by what you know.

To rank on Google, seek help from a local SEO expert. If your a startup and concerned with the pricing of SEO services, think of it as an investment not an expense. They can help you create a strategy or write the content for you.

Get Your Business on Listings

Make sure that your business is present on popular listings sites. People visit these websites to find the right services. So, if you’re on a business listing like Google, Yelp or Angie’s List, you have higher chance of getting hired.

You don’t need a high school degree to perfect the art of marketing. There are many ways to market your landscape business; all you have to do is do research and be more creative. Consider the suggestions above!

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