The 8 Best Things to Do for Honeymoon in Barbados

When planning a Barbados honeymoon, things can get pretty heated and hectic. You know that, right?

Barbados ranks as the number one warm honeymoon destination for a large population. With its varying lush landscape, turquoise crystal blue waters, white-sand beaches, and rugged terrain, this gorgeous land has won the hearts of many. Each passing year, more and more newlywed couples continue to visit Barbados to mark the beginning of their journey of togetherness.

Perhaps, it’s because of the two very contrasting aspects of this island. The western side offers elegant, sophisticated, and soft experiences with its mesmerizing beaches and premium resort facilities. The eastern side offers thrilling, rough, and easy-going experiences with its rugged terrain. 

You could have a candle-lit dinner with a soft melody playing at the back on the west side, while you could go on a daring hiking trip on the east side. So, in short, Barbados honeymoon offers the best of both worlds. Thus, making it an ideal honeymoon destination.

Naturally, such features make it one of the most loved and consequently crowded islands in the world. So, if you’re to plan your honeymoon for this place, you better have it planned.

Here’s a brief guide to help you out.

1. Try Delicious Cuisine from the World

Similar to its topography, Barbados is also home to a variety of delicious cuisines. So, if you’re going to step into this diverse land, trying different restaurants is a must. Some of the best restaurants to try are:

  • Blue Pineapple
  • Fish Pot
  • Cutters of Barbados
  • Nishi
  • Sand Dollar Cafe
  • Café Luna

You’ll get to taste everything from Pan Asian to European dishes. 

2. Cherish the Barbados Boardwalk

Witnessing sunsets and sunrise with your significant other can bring you some truly magical moments. And your trip to Barbados will give you plentiful opportunities to experience these moments.

We urge you to go on a walk at the Barbados Boardwalk, especially at 5:30 pm, when the sun is leaving the sky in a haze of beautiful colors. There are benches on this boardwalk. So, you can sit and click some beautiful pictures together as well.

3. Explore the Caribbean Beach

Since you’re visiting Barbados, your honeymoon cannot skip exploring the beach’s beauty. With the abundance of crystal clear turquoise waters around, there are lots of beach activities to do. You can go fishing with your partner or indulge in water sports. If nothing at all, a peaceful boat trip around the waters will be soothing and refreshing. Some of the must-visit beaches include Archers Bay Beach, Animal Flower Cave, and Accra Beach. Or you could even go surfing at Barry’s Surf Barbados. 

4. Dive into the Coral Reefs

Regular beach exploring is all fun for those who are more into calmer activities. But if you and your spouse are brimming with excitement and can’t seem to stay in one place for long, then diving into the wholesome coral reefs of Barbados may as well be your true calling. Here you can go snorkeling to discover the rich, color-filled sea life underneath the clear blue waters. Apart from snorkeling, you could even visit the deep coral reefs via Atlantis Submarines.

5. Challenge One Another for Golf

Golf is meditative support. It helps you focus and target your goals more effectively (even if it means winning your partner’s heart every other day!).

We recommend visiting the golf courses and challenging one another on a game. If none of you know it too well, this is an excellent opportunity to learn! Barbados is home to some very phenomenal golf courses, including the Green Monkey Course, Royal Westmoreland, and Barbados Golf Club.

6. Have Fun time at the Limegrove Cinemas

If you’re in the mood of sitting back and relaxing for a while, then going to the movies might be a good idea. Limegrove Cinema is located in Holetown, St James and you’d find the latest shows running there almost every day. Hence, when you’re looking for a bit of slack off on your honeymoon (yes, trust us. You’ll need these time off’s), a movie night will help!

7. Explore the Harrison’s Cave

Now, here’s something non-traditional that you could do at Barbados – explore Harrison’s cave! Located at the heart of Barbados, Harrison’s Cave is an amazing place. It is an adventure park, featuring a jaw-dropping sight of stalactites, hanging from the cave’s roof. And it goes with the clear stream of water running below. You will experience what they show in the movies and get to make some super interesting memories.

8. Taste World-Class Cocktails

Cocktails are also a famous aspect of Barbados, and so you should also stop by Cocktail Kitchen and Carib Beach Chair. Note that the restaurants here are busy all around the year. Therefore, it’s best to book your dining sessions beforehand.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, planning a Barbados honeymoon may as well be the best decision of your life. A series of thrilling and enchanting moments await your arrival. So, plan thoroughly and jump onto the plane head-on!

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