The 6 Best FPS Mice for Gaming

Best FPS Mice for Gaming - check mouse dpi - Check your mouse's sensitivity by measuring its dpiGaming mouse with DPI switch, at least it seems to be so.

The mouse for any FPS game is generally vibrant and does not have all the side buttons and instead has only two. When you are looking for mice to facilitate gaming, you need to focus on their performance. Therefore, you should try to get a mouse that is reliable, specific, and provides consistent performance. Make sure you can hold the mouse comfortably and move it around properly while playing the games. Whether you need a wired connection or flawless design that is wireless, you will find them light and move it readily while enjoying the games. 

Here is a list of six best FPS mice.

1. Razer Viper Ultimate

The best you can get while finding a mouse for FPS games is Razer Viper Ultimate, which is not only lightweight but comes with a light design as well that enhances the performance of the device while playing games. However, you can also make it wired if you do not desire high speed and want to rely on a wired connection. The design is not high-end, and it is small in size, with only two side buttons. If you conclude the performance of this FPS gaming mouse, low latency is the word that best describes it, whether it comes wired or is wireless. The RGB charging dock adds to the performance of this mouse.

2. Razer Death Adder Elite

This is another of the fantastic offering from Razer and the best option for shooter games that require reasonable control and provides a perfect grip. Besides this, the black matte finish on the top makes it less slippery or greasy. This mouse is ruling the gaming world for a long time and is considered the best performing device in the gaming market. Is the mouse comes loaded with RGP lighting, you will find it even more enjoyable. The stylish design and easy configuration make this among the largest-selling mouse compelling the gamers to buy it over and over again. The two side buttons provide a comfortable grip when you try to hold it with the thumb. With over ninety-nine percent resolution accuracy a 450 IPS, you can easily win over the enemy while aiming to shoot them down. You can customize the buttons and the light of this device.

3. Logitech G305

If you have a restricted budget while buying a gaming mouse, the Logitech G305 is one of the options to choose from. It is undoubtedly one of the best options to get within a price you desire without worrying about the accuracy and responsiveness. It is not a light device and requires an AA battery to operate as you cannot charge it. However, the manufacturer claims that the battery can run up to 250 hours. It is a suitable option for gamers with small hands and looking forward to fingertip grip.


This is another gaming on which both right and left-handed people can rely. It comes with a compact shape and simple design, although the appearance is stylish. Moreover, you do not need to install special or additional drivers for the mouse to operate effortlessly. Due to its 3200 DPI, professional gamers can move between high gears with the help of its simple push button. Therefore, you can call it a mouse that focuses on DPI and performs lowly. The high DPI of this mouse makes it the right option for pro gamers so that you can buy it without any hitch in your mind.

5. Finalmouse Ultralight 2 – Cape Town 

The Finalmouse Ultralight 2 – Cape Town is one of the best gaming mice, which is extremely light and a good performer as well. It has a portable design and includes two latex grips, also called infinityskins, which can be applied to the body of the mouse to modify its shape and size. The honeycomb structure of the mouse does not ruin its preciseness and accuracy and responsiveness. Moreover, the mouse has a solid structure, and you will experience a feeling of satisfaction while clicking the buttons.

6. Steel Series Sensei 310

For professional gamers, this is one of the devices you can hardly overlook. Whether it is the appearance of the brand, the competence, and the features, you will find this a suitable brand. This is one of the brands on which both the right and left-handed people can rely. The DPI adjuster is situated behind the scroll wheel.

You can review the FPS mice properly before buying the best mouse for your gaming needs.

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