Thank Your Essential Employees for their Hard Work with Gifts

Your essential employees are the backbone of your company’s operations. Without them, you would be a lost duck. And from time to time, you might want to find unique ways to thank them for their hard work.

You have come to the right place. This list below is sure to help you. Check out these five gift ideas. Each idea is a great way to thank your essential employees for their hard work.

1. Gift Certificates

For those of you who have a really hard time making a decision, you might want to go with gift certificates. They more than likely will dig your corporate gift. You can locate gift certificates for all kinds of establishments, too.

Determine what popular local businesses your employees love and choose cards from those retailers. You also can find gift certificates online. If you cannot narrow down your choice, you could always give your employees two gift certificates at lower dollar levels.

2. Cash and Cash Gift Cards

Cash and cash gift cards also are gift ideas your employees should love. You must remember that cash, and all the gift ideas on here, must be documented on your books. So before you decide to just start handing your employees cash, you must remember there is a process to follow when gifting anything to your workers.

Now, if you do go with the cash route, pretty much any of your employees will be happy receiving a thoughtful greeting card with cash tucked inside it. Of course, your employees probably would be okay if you or some other supervisor just the cash to them, too. Either way, you are going to be giving them a gift they will be thrilled to receive. And if you don’t want to deal with paper money like that, you can always purchase cash gift cards. Your employees should be able to use the cards at most places that accept credit and debit transactions.

3. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are almost always a hit, and you should give this idea some more thought, too. You can fill them up with all kinds of cool items from the practical to the not-so practical. Make sure you find items your staff will enjoy. Sending them along with a thank you card will potentially be more notable. Here you can find the most suitable examples for each occasion. 

Popular gift items to include in the basket are spa supplies, stationery, and wine. Always try to stick some company swag like koozies, pens, and t-shirts into your basket, too. No matter your budget, you should be able to come up with some type of basket your employees will appreciate.

4. Food

When it comes to food, you have so many gift ideas out there. Among your popular choices are assorted cheeses, boxes of sweets, and well, really any food items. However, you must not forget to rule out food allergies if you decide on food. If you are a good cook, you could even whip up something yummy to give them. You could ask your other supervisors to help you, too

Another great food idea for you is to partner with a local restaurant. Ask them to send their head chef to your office to prepare a meal for your team. Knock off early, have a cocktail party, and then have your team be served by you and your company’s supervisors. If you do not have the right type of space for this kind of activity, you could talk to the restaurant about hosting your team for a private event.

5. Luxury Gifts

You can find high-quality luxury items to be more affordable than ever today. This is in part due to your ability to locate deals online. Have you thought about shopping online to see if you can impress your staff with luxury gifts bought at a much lower price?

It is easy to locate online corporate employee thank you gifts your team will enjoy.

Are you ready to start searching for some sweet deals on high-end goods? It might be worth you giving it a shot.

You just learned about five types of gifts your essential employees will love. Each idea is a sure-fire way to let them know they’re appreciated. Bookmark this page. You might want to come back to it. You also can share this with some colleagues for feedback.

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