Text to voice converters – Natural sounding Text to speech software for Windows

Text to speech or text to voice or audio is a great way to create audio with human-sounding voice. Many YouTube users use Text to speech (TTS) software to give the background voice to their videos. There are many other uses of converting the text into the voice as if you have a problem with your eyes then you can listen to the text aloud using TTS software. So here we are discussing some best TTS software for Windows to convert text to voice easily.

Firstly let me tell you that there is an inbuilt feature in Windows that helps to convert the text into speech. But you will not get an mp3 file of the text, for getting the audio files you need some software. To use that inbuilt TTS feature read the trick below or to learn about the TTS software continue reading the post.

Text to voice converter using Notepad in Windows

So you can copy the below code into your Notepad and save your file as TTS.vbs. Remember .vbs extension is Important. Now open the file and enter the text to convert it to speech. See image below

Dim msg, sapi
msg=InputBox(“Enter your text for conversion – By Mindxmaster.com”,”Mindxmaster TTS – Text to Audio Converter”)
Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
sapi.Speak msg

Now after the above trick lets comes to the software section. The software helps in converting the text to audio. Apart from that the other features included in the software are:

  1. TTS software can convert and save the speech as an audio file.
  2. TTS software supports many types of voices.
  3. You can add a large text document or PDF file to read aloud or convert to audio file.

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There are many other features which I will tell you with the software details.

Text to voice converter – Natural sounding Text to speech software

1) Zabaware Text To Voice Converter

This was the first software I used and believe me it is Awesome. What I liked about Zabaware TTS is that its Interface is very easy to understand and use. You can see the image below to understand the interface. The different features of Zabaware are

  1. You can control volume and speed from the panel directly.
  2. You can choose from more than 20 types of different voices or voice fonts.
  3. You can save your text into an audio WAV file format.
  4. You can read the selected portion of the text instead of full text.
  5. You can also change the font and size of the text.
  6. Start/stop button is also quite helpful.

The free version of Zabaware software has restricted features. You can buy it to unlock features.

2) NaturalReader Text to Voice converter

Natural Reader text to voice converter is an online converter and windows software. You can convert text from text files such as Doc, Word, PDF, Webpages or eBooks into mp3 or wav files. You can also sync your audio using iPhone, iPad & Android Apps.  

    The free version of Natural reader software is very limited. You can use it online to convert the text to speech but you cannot get the audio file. Alternatively, you can record the voice to your laptop or mobile to get the audio files. You can also buy Naturalreader for full features unlock like Text to Audio files, Spelling Check, Word Predictions and many more important features.

3) Balabolka Text to Voice converter

Balabolka text to voice converter uses all the computer voices already installed on your computer. There are many different formats in which your text can be saved as. Like MP3, WAV,  MP4, OGG and WMA file. Balabolka software is available in more than 25 languages. Balbolka is free to use.  

    You can also read the content on your clipboard or you can read the text from different types of text files like DOC, PDF, HTML, RTF and many other. You can also customize the text font and its background color. Control the reading and hotkeys feature is also available.

4) Verbose Text to Voice converter

Verbose is another best software from nch.com. It is an easy and convenient way to convert text to speech. It can read texts aloud and can save spoken text to mp3 audio files. Verbose also supports hotkeys to save time in reading and saving the audio.   

    You can also use Verbose text to voice software to save all your text documents and emails as a mp3 files and use and play them on your devices like audio player, mobiles and laptop.  

5) Ivona Text to Voice converter

Ivona is an Amazon company which is great software with more than 50 different voices. The voice quality and accuracy are awesome with more natural sounds. You can convert the text into the natural sounding voice and record it on your PC or mobile. This is an online app so it runs on multiple platforms. It was first made to aid the visually impaired people but now the use of this TTS is used for various purposes.

Some important advice before using TTS software

Text to speech converter converts the text into speech, so you need to take care of the text you are writing. The full stop, comma, brackets, and semicolon in the text are very important, as this will make your speech naturally sounding. Adding these also helps the software to understand the text more easily and speak more effectively.

Also read: Top Best Hard Drive Partition Manager softwares   Capital letters don’t matter much but proper punctuation marks matter the most. Also, take care that the voice you are choosing should be natural sounding. I always use the female voices as a speaker because these voices are sharp and the pronunciations and narration sounds are more clear.   So that’s all in this post. Comment below for any query. Thank you for reading this post.

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