Ten Prank Ideas To Make Your Day

There is nothing more satisfying than successfully pulling a prank on someone, be it a close friend, your co-workers, a family member, a classmate, or your significant other. The look on their faces is something that you will definitely remember for a lifetime.

Pranking needs to be elaborate and requires a lot of planning but I guarantee you that it is definitely worth it. Imagine getting sweet revenge on that annoying co-worker who keeps stealing your pens or finally one-upping your friend who has mercilessly teased you your entire friendship.

Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t help to do a little research on what prank you should pull so that you do not give it away. It also ensures that you pull the ultimate prank. Some pranks fail because the prank does not fit the victim ie. pulling the Oreo Switcheroo on a lactose intolerant co-worker would not only work but would be a waste of a perfectly good pack of Oreos.

Below are some prank ideas that might help you decide which prank you should pull off. Make sure to document them so you can go back to them on rough days!

1. Install an Airhorn on the Door

This is considered as an AoE prank. Not only will you give a shock to your victim but to everyone in the near vicinity.

2. An Upside Down Cup of Water on their desk

This prank idea would work better if you use sticky liquids as it would be much harder to clean up.

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3. Perfume Grenade

Use a zip-tie to press the nozzle, throw it at an enclosed space and lock the door. The harsher the smell, the more this would be fun.

4. Infinite Loop of Shopping Carts

This is perfect for car owners who don’t follow the parking lines and are just plain assholes.

5. Insect Lamps

Tape an insect cutout in the inside of their lamps. Once they open it, the insect silhouette will surely give them a scare.

6. Caramel Onions instead of Caramel Apples

This will surely give everyone around you trust issues.

7. Mentos Ice Bombs

We all know that Mentos and Sodas do not mix. They literally explode. Let your friends make a mess by making mentos ice bombs and putting it in your friends’ cups.

8. Prank Calls

Of course, what would be more hilarious than listening to your friends create a frantic explanation as to why the FBI is calling them. You can install a Voice changer app so that you can modify your voice. This way, your friends do not recognize that it is you who they are talking to.

9. Occupied Bathroom Stall

This one is a little evil, I will say. What you do is place a pair of shoes and pants on the bathroom stall and make it appear that someone is inside. This is particularly more effective when your office only has one bathroom. Watch everyone hold in their pee as they wait for a nonexistent person to be done with their business.

10. Sign Them Up for Magazine Subscriptions

This prank idea is for your annoying neighbor who likes to keep you up at 2 AM with their loud music or fighting. Sign them up for embarrassing subscriptions such as nude magazines.

Honestly speaking, there are days when the office or your house is just too gray. Add in a little color and spice your life by inviting your friends in a prank war. This gets everyone excited while also establishing rapport and camaraderies. It’s very fun which we all need in our lives.

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