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Technology has empowered television viewers to exercise control on media content

Technology has empowered television viewers to exercise control on media content

Television viewing has evolved so much that it has now decimated the role of broadcasters and cable TV operators and rendered them helpless in the face of the growing popularity of video streaming services that people can access for free. No, there is no reason to look in disbelief because today, you can view almost any telecast without having to subscribe to the channel that holds the rights of telecasting. The fast-growing popularity of video streaming services coupled with advanced technology enables viewers to access programs for free. It has turned the commercial equations of digital entertainment on its head. Leaving aside the debate about ethics, it has given endless options in television viewing that was unthinkable even some years ago.

Television viewers were like patients who do not have any choice but accept the medicines administered by doctors. Television program broadcasters used to dictate the terms and compelled viewers to watch television programs in the way they would serve them. Viewers did not have any choice but consume whatever came their way. 

But today, the tables are turned, and viewers are now entirely in control of what they want to see.  

Viewers are in complete control

Cable networks and program broadcasters do not matter anymore to viewers who can now get their share of digital entertainment in their way without depending on what the channels serve them. Instead, by installing Kodi software by following the Kodi set up guidelines, they can now take full control of how they want to keep them entertained. 

It is now easy to make your wish come true to view any program of your choice from movies to videos to music as well as live sports and believe it or not you pay anything for it. You can create your own entertainment package by cherry-picking programs that interest you the most. Now you do not need to waste time to surf through loads of programs and wait for the time when your choicest program will show up. Create your wish list and see it play just when it is most convenient for you.

View Netflix for free

One of the reasons for the popularity of video streaming channels that have now almost driven broadcasters and cable networks to oblivion is that it allows you to access premium streaming services like Netflix completely free. If you do not have much concern about ethics and do not mind to circumvent the law, then you can use Kodi add-ons or plugins to access video streaming services, including live telecast for free.

Safeguard your privacy

Knowing that you are indulging in something that is not legal and there are chances of the law catching up with you, take some measures to conceal your online identity and at the same time, safeguard your privacy.

Using a VPN that creates a private channel for web browsing is the only way to achieve the goal. You can choose the best free VPN for Netflix that gives you the pleasure of tasting the forbidden fruit while staying incognito. 

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