Tech Gadgets Built for Designers

Tech Gadgets Built for Designers

Creative individuals are on the cusp of something new every day. If there is one profession that can really benefit from the latest technological gadgets, it is that of a designer. Needing to fuel creativity is a necessity and any gadget that can make that easier is welcome.

There are many gadgets on the market that are geared for a variety of professions. Therefore, you want to find the right gadget for the designer in your life so that you can help to make their or your own life easier. 

Check out the tech gadgets that don’t include the common laptops designers should have

Best Tech Gadgets Every Designer Needs

1.       HTC Vive Pro

Using a variety of tools to bring designs to life is what makes a designer’s job fulfilling. Though there are some great tools to help with that, having a Virtual Reality headset is one way to access digital designs. If you are useful tools like Gravity Sketch to bring your designs to the Virtual Reality world, then you want and need the Vive Pro. This VR headset has headphones that are built-in and it outputs an amazing picture. Furthermore, there are motion-tracking station sensors at the base that allows you to have a wider vision field.

2.       Samsung C34J791 Curved LCD Monitor

Working in the digital world means you need a way to access it. Since living in VR isn’t practical, having a good monitor for your design station allows you an immersive visual experience. The Samsung curved monitor gives you an amazing horizontal space, and it also gives you Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. Along with the Thunderbolt connectivity, there are the standard USB, display ports and HDMI inputs. This monitor allows you to have several open windows at the same time due to the size and the curved visual field.

3.       Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Designers know that being able to take pictures of inspiration is a necessity. Therefore, having a great digital camera like the Blackmagic is an excellent choice. This is a cinematic camera that is very portable. This camera is quite small, as it is not larger than a standard SLR. You can short both RAW and ProRes HQ in 4K.

Furthermore, there are several handy features. There is headphone, 3.5 mm audio jacks, USB-C, SSD, HDMI, and a mini XLR. Though this camera does not have a viewfinder, it does have a 1080p touchscreen. You can capture up to 120 frames in a single second. To top it off, it comes with the full version of the DaVinci Resolve Studio 15.

4.       Cube

A designer will gain inspiration from wherever they are. If you look at the color that you desire but just can’t seem to match it, then you definitely need the cube. The cube may be a tiny little box-like item that may seem to serve no purpose at all. What it does that makes this so valuable to designers is that it is a color digitalize. Basically, you can use this tiny cube to capture any color off of just about any surface in the word by simply tapping a button. Then you will have a digital copy of that color so that you can use it in your designs. A tiny little package that is brilliantly constructed for the designer.

5.       3D Pen

Many pens allow you to color in 3D and create with these pens. Now, there are specific pens that have been made with the designer in mind. A 3D pen is basically a 3D printer in the palm of your hand. You can create endlessly using this pen and you will have access to just about any color palate in the world. There are many different things you can do using this pen. When working on a design, see how it will look with real-world realization. This pen is a fantastic choice for those who prefer physical designs.

6.       Huion L4S LED Light Pad

Designing on the go is a constant struggle for the designer as they don’t always have the right tools that allow them to do this beyond a sketch on a napkin. Having the Huion L4S light pad allows you to sketch while on the go. You can sit on a train or a plane and really sketch away for whatever duration. The LED screen is designed to protect your eyes from strain using eye-protection technology. Want to transfer your designs? No problem; simply plug the pad into your computer via the USB cable and your designs will transfer over seamlessly. There are many wonderful tablets for drawing that you can choose from. 

7.       Logitech MX Vertical

Working for long hours at a desk can cause some physical strains on your body. The constant clicking on a mouse can cause repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel in your hands. Nothing stunts creativity more than pain. Therefore, what is needed is an ergonomically designed mouse that allows you to focus on creativity and not worry about your hands. This mouse has sensor supports that make even the smallest movements accurate. Furthermore, you can adjust the DPI in seconds using the top button. This mouse is supported on pretty much any device and it charges uses USB-C.

8.       Palette

If using a mouse is frustrating for you as you design, then you need Palette. This device was specifically made for those who do digital designs. What Palette does is allows you to assign different design functions to a variety of buttons, dials, and slider that incorporates with your favorite design software. Each function is assigned by you so that you get the most comfortable designing experience possible.


Every designer can use a technological gadget to help make their lives easier. This list of the best tech gadgets that every designer needs is just the beginning, you can find more on NetBookNews. Make life simpler and more creative with the use of each gadget that is made for showcasing creativity in a variety of ways. No matter which way you choose to design, there is a product out there for you. 

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