Team Building: 3 Top Recruiting Strategies in 2021 for HR Professionals

Everyone knows that a winning team is necessary for success in any collective endeavor. In the world of sports, a cohesive team unit operates as a well-oiled machine, with each individual playing an integral part of a team’s overall success.

The same is true in the modern business world. You have to have a solid team in order to operate a business successfully. And if one of your team members cannot perform his or her function, this affects the team (and the business) as a whole.

Recruitment efforts in the business world seek out the most talented individuals that can be found in hopes that they will add to the team’s ability to be successful. But, recruitment isn’t as cut and dry as it might seem.

If you’re an HR professional and you’re looking to build a solid team for your company, there are a few top recruiting strategies in 2021 that you should know about.

Application Screening

If you remember the first time you filled out a job application, this was a process that was not only exciting, but it was the first initial step to becoming a member of the workforce. And though you may not remember all of the questions, you had to know at least a little about the company before filling out the application.

The latter is a huge focal point of top businesses today, making the applicant aware of the functional properties of the company. 

This way, if you explain the nature of the job (and the company) in a straightforward fashion, you’ll not only deter unqualified applicants, but you’ll find a genuine pool of interested talent and help them understand why they should work for your company.  

Applications in 2021 are becoming much more in-depth. The most sophisticated of these contain company profile information, assessment tests, and a line of screening questions that can be analyzed by HR personnel, all of which was otherwise missing altogether in the past. 

AI Assistance 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just the stuff of science fiction any longer. In 2021, AI has become an integral component of many businesses, and its use in HR recruitment is beginning to raise eyebrows across all industries.

Some of the best AI recruiting software can allow an HR recruiting department to fully automate its process. And though this doesn’t completely remove the human factor in the hiring process, it definitely makes the screening process for candidates much more robust.

Today, HR professionals can also use AI sensing tools to assist in the interview process. These sensitive cameras with complex computing software keep track of every hand gesture, eye movement and can even record changes in tone of voice. 

When it comes to screening, a candidate might be able to fool the human eye, but you can’t fool the ever-watchful eye of AI.

Remote Interviewing

In 2021, job candidates are looking for growth. And to find this growth, one often has to look outside of their respective communities. Basically, people are more willing to relocate for better pay, better benefits, and a better quality of life.

This all makes the remote interview process a critical aspect for finding viable job candidates that might not reside in the local community. 

Regardless, with COVID-19 still affecting every industry across the globe, using remote interviewing has become an essential safety tool in order to mitigate possible exposure to the virus. And by interviewing candidates remotely, you can also get a good sense of how a candidate would fulfill his or her role at the company without ever having to schedule time for a physical meeting.

Team building is becoming a much more critical business function in today’s interconnected world. As more people enter the workforce and the population grows, as an HR professional, you’re faced with many options and this can be overwhelming.

At the end of the day, using modern tools to sort through talent pools is the best way forward in today’s ever-expanding business world

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