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Talkspace Becomes the First Company to Introduce the Digital Employee Assistance Portal

Digital Employee Assistance Portal

As the world continues to contain the spread of coronavirus, companies and businesses have raised the bar higher in employee protection. A considerable number of employees work remotely from their homes due to promote social distancing measures. On the other hand, companies embrace the same to avoid large gatherings in their premises.

Setting The Pace

Talkspace, a healthcare company that applies technology in addressing digital behavioral matters, launched the first Digital Employee Assistance Program on April 14, 2020. The American-based company has offered online therapy services for the last eight years. Therefore, it came up with a new package to provide companies with an advanced platform for supporting employees. The company noted the increase in the number of employees working from home who deserves a unique approach to their well-being.

An Outline of the Portal

The Digital EAP portal is a secure and confidential platform that allows the user to access numerous services privately in a click of a button. It’s worth mentioning that many employees who work remotely undergo various mental problems and suffer silently. The beauty is that the portal offers them instant professional wellness support.

Additionally, Digital EAP adheres to the laws laid down by HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability, and Accountability Act that protects patient’s health information. Therefore, the users get Employee Assistance Program services at the comfort of their homes. The new program’s design gives the employees space to highlight some of the issues they avoid through the standard EAP model.

Therefore, it has improved the services by an average of approximately 3% over the ordinary method. Under the Digital EAP, the employees enjoy top-rated counseling and online therapy services. Professional therapists and clinicians provide these services through live video chats and messaging. Therefore, the employees get the chance to address pressing issues that they would avoid in a one-on-one therapy session.

Additionally, the portal contains educational content that helps employees learn how to manage their finances and access legal guidance, among other issues. Another unique feature available on the portal is the CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy that guides the employees to identify and change disturbing thought patterns. The CBT contains self-guided exercises and tools that help them adopt a positive behavior as they continue working remotely.

Besides, the portal has a top-notch emergency support system that connects with the employees in real-time. Talkspace has collaborated with Happify Health and other players to ensure employers get the best innovative self-care services. Additionally, they would access critical incident support and management training from the company to connect professionally with their employees. Happify is an easy to use digital mental health feature consisting of over 65 content tracks. Besides, the gamified tool contains a combination of CBT, mindfulness, positive psychology, and other activities that improve the employees’ mental health.

Why the Company Launched the Digital EAP Portal

Since the COVID-19 outbreak late last year, millions of Americans have stayed home for many days. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, approximately 45% of adults have suffered mentally due to the pandemic. Talkspace COO and President, Mark Hirschhorn admitted that the company decided to come up with the Digital EAP due to the low usage of the ordinary EAP model despite the surge in mental health issues.

The company’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Neil Leibowitz, added that the pandemic heightens telehealth’s need for safety and the ability to receive alternative care everywhere. The Digital EAP program provides the same to the employees that have improved productivity by 56%.

About the Company

Since its inception on June 1, 2012, the company has helped approximately 1.5million users through its mobile and web platforms. The users connect with therapists by sending unlimited pictures, audio, and text messages from any location worldwide. Besides, it supports unlimited video chats that address adolescent therapy, psychiatry sessions, couple counseling, and prescription fulfillment, among other services.

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