Stunning and Effective App Website Designs

With the massive growth of mobile device usage for connecting to the internet, there are apps for just about anything you can dream of. All of these apps have a website connected to them and the design of that site is almost as important as the app itself.

The site has to entice the viewer to buy or download the app on their mobile device, so getting across the right ‘feel’ for the app is of paramount importance. Here we have collected a selection of app website designs that do just that.

Effective App Design Websites

1. iShows

An iPhone app that enables you to manage your favorite TV shows. This site promotes a calm and tranquil feeling with the blurred summery background image and a cup of coffee while you browse your entries.

2. Calcul’it

This is a mental arithmetic game for both iPhone and Android. The website design is very minimal with a geeky character created very basically… and not really much else!

Prototyping on Paper

This is a very useful app for designers. The idea is that you draw your app screens on paper, then take pictures with your smartphone and link them together, then you share your images and get feedback.


This is an app to help you manage all your bank accounts in one place. It is currently only available in Germany, but promises to support other countries soon. The website design is so minimal and simple it truly makes you believe that the app will make your life simpler too.


Wishly is currently available for iPhone only. It provides a place to gather all the things on the internet you like or want. The website design utilizes a green transparency giving a somewhat organic feel, with a blurred, bokeh background image.


This is an iPhone game, and the Appstore’s description is as follows:

“You will either love this game or hate it! It could be your new kind of stress-releaser or vice versa – make your phone fly harder and blood pump faster. Definitely not for everyone!”

The website design uses some pretty cool illustrations, which presumably are encountered in the game itself.

Pudding Monsters

This game is available for iPhone, iPad and Android, and is another website design using stunning illustrations. From the makers of ‘Cut the Rope’, this is an addictive puzzle adventure.

Kite Run

A game for both iPhone and Android where you have to steer your kite through a maze of war-torn buildings and an onslaught of rocket fire. The very dark website design has an animated background image and uses ribbon-effects on both its logo and the downward arrow.


This is an iPhone app for new parents – you can create a baby album and add illustrations from the Obaby library. The website design uses a topical baby blue main color, with a blurred background image.


This is a reader for iPhone. The designers suggest you enjoy the morning with a cup of green tea and the Ecoki iPhone reader, and they use a beautiful morning photograph of mountains to support their suggestion!


If you regularly eat out with friends and/or family and share the bill, this iPhone app will help you calculate the tip percentage of the total bill and divide the amount between the number of people in your group. A stunning, minimal website design.

Tea Round

This website design has stayed the same for a while now and has found its way into many design round-ups. It is a nicely balanced, easy-on-the-eye design.


Nota is an iPhone and iPad app that is ‘an indispensable tool for anyone learning music’. The website design is minimal, giving the feeling of simplicity – ideal for a learning app.

Do It (Tomorrow)

This is a todo app that is a virtual notebook experience. You can plan out your entire week and the app will give you reminders, but you can also push things off to tomorrow if you can’t get them done today. The website design is of a diary on a desk.


This is a golfing app available for both iPhone and Android. It allows you to manage your game with scoring, GPS, stats, social feeds, games, leaderboards, achievements and more. The website uses a full screen background video of golfers in action.


If you haven’t heard of Instagram, you really must be living under a rock! This famous app allows you to add filters to your smartphone photos and upload them to the Instagram website or your favorite social media site. Their website design is minimal and classy… as would be expected!

Delibar Touch

This is a social bookmarking app for iPhone. The site design is laid out like an instruction manual, or pages of a book on a retro blue background.


This iPhone app allows you to play around with your photos and turn serious faces into silly ones. The website design is reminiscent of a photographer’s darkroom.


This iPhone app allows you to convert weights and measures. The website design uses some very pleasant kitchen-related illustrations.

Wood Camera

This app for iPhone is a piece of software for post-processing photographs. The temptation for the designer here to use a woodgrain texture must have been strong… but he fought it and produced a simple, minimal design that, once again, suggest simplicity of use of the app.


It is important for designers to create the right emotion for the app in the website design. We human beings are probably more responsive to the emotional effect of imagery than almost anything else.

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Diane H. Wong is a web designer. Besides, she likes writing. So she prefers to spend her spare time working for the research paper writing service. In this case, she has an opportunity to share her experience with others.

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