Stubby Tire Tools Protect Against Wheel Damage

As any rider knows, you need the right tools to complete any maintenance, upgrade or repair project. That includes replacing the discount motorcycle tires on your bike. Without the proper tire levers, you risk scratching up a rim or even accidentally puncturing holes in your tires. Once that kind of damage is done, you face the aggravation and the extra expense of replacing these parts. Fortunately, you can avoid these outcomes with equipment built tough enough to separate tires from rims yet gentle on both rubber and metal. The solution? Stubby Tire Tools.

A Innovative Solution to a Common Problem

If you’ve used traditional motorcycle tire levers, you already know that they’re made sturdy with powerful grips to provide the leverage and strength you need. Most of these spoon levers are crafted from durable steel, which withstands the forces you must apply to pry a tire from its rim. Yet at the same time, the metal spoon component can also scratch your rims’ finish or cut and puncture tire materials. Either of those are huge letdowns, especially after you’ve spent the time and effort to pull the tire off the rim.

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The creators of Stubby Tire Tools understood these problems. That’s why they applied design strategies to come up with these ground-breaking solutions. Each Stubby is crafted a few key features:

  1. A durable lever made from scratch-resistant superior-grade plastic compounds
  2. Specially engineered no-scratch lever ends
  3. Premium-quality embossed surface rubber grips

Adding these tools to your collection means that you won’t need to turn around and search for “motorcycle cruiser tires near me” to swap out a brand-new ruined tire.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

Swapping out your tires is a big job, but it’s much easier to do when you’ve got high-quality gear and tools at your disposal. Your trusted powersports parts dealer can hook you up with these essentials. Get started on your tire change project today!

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